Lord of the Rings: Alternative Version - What if they'd just flown the Eagles into Mordor? (Part 2)

The nine members of the Fellowship sat together in the tavern. They had decided to leave Imladris in the morning, so they had gone out for the night to have some fun.
Frodo and Sam sat at the far end of the table, heads together, talking quietly. Legolas and Gimli, sitting in the middle of the table, were having a staring contest. Aragorn and Gandalf were sitting at the other end of the table, talking while pouring over a large map. Merry and Pippin sat together, next to Boromir. Pippin was staring up at Boromir, and growling.
Boromir put down his mug, and looked down at Pippin, then backed away, arms up, palms out and at his chest, a look of terror on his face. "Alright, alright! You can have my ale! Just don't bite my ankles!"
Frodo and Sam, hearing this, looked up. The hobbits exchanged looks for a few moments, then looked back at Boromir, and chorused. "We are not amused!"
Boromir smirked. "Well, at least that makes two of you!"
Gimli laughed at that. Legolas, their staring contest now over, frowned, then replaced it with a smirk. "You're not much taller than them, and you're uglier. And you smell worse!"
Gimli glared at Legolas. "Never trust an elf!"
"Don't trust a dwarf as far as you can throw him!" Legolas spat back.
That was too much for Gimli. He jumped up, pulled out his axe, and was about to swing it forward, when Aragorn appeared at his side, hand holding the axe back. He did not speak, merely looked at Gimli warningly.
Gimli looked at him, then back to Legolas, then at the rest of the Fellowship. He sighed, then relaxed his grip on the axe. As Aragorn let go, Gimli put jthe axe down, and took his seat again. "Fine."
He and Legolas promptly resumed their staring contest.
Frodo and Sam went back to talking. Aragorn and Gandalf went back to the map. Boromir went back to drinking. Merry and Pippin stared at Gimli for a few more moments, then looked at each other.
"Temper, temper..." Pippin shook his head.
"Going to get him into trouble one day, that..." Merry added cautiously in an undertone.
"Well, we're going to have to put up with him for a while, Merry."
"We don't leave until morning, Pip."
"So... why don't we...?"
The two of them nodded, then stood, giving a chorused shout. "MORE ALE!"
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