Lord of the Rings: Alternative Version - What if they'd just flown teh Eagles into Mordor? (Part 5)

Gandalf moved forward to the biggest Eagle, who wore a crown. "Gwaihir, will you carry us into Mordor, so that we can destroy the One Ring of Sauron?"

The King of the Eagles narrowed his eyes. "Who's we?"

Gandalf opened his mouth, but for a moment, no sound came out. "Oh. well... Just me. And Legolas the Elf. And two men. And the four hobbits. AND--- umm... Gimli the Dwarf."

The eyes widened. "Dwarf?! No! Not ANOTHER Dwarf! Had enough of the the last time you needed my help for one of your little 'trips'!"

Pippin spoke up. "This is no 'little trip'! This is a mission of highest importance! A quest-like... thingy..."

Gwaihir stared at Pippin, then blinked a few times and looked back to Gandalf. "Very well. If you tie the Dwarf around the waist and let him hang--"

Gimli interrupted. "No! No. No. No. No. No!!!"

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