Lord of Assasins - "I was not supposed to be this...for I am of the Noble race."

"Charge!" yelled the elvish captain, and the army charged forward clashing weapons with the enemy. These were not regular orcs however. They were rebels, not willing to fight for anyone. They just plundered the land, and caused Chaos in Middle Earth. " For Glory brothers!" cried the elves as they were dragged into a wave of death. The orcs were using all unfair tactics. Mostly stabbing the elves in the back with a poisonous dagger when not looking.

The ground was covered with blood...but it belonged to the elves.."Is this all ye got?! Come to us ,Elves!" yelled the biggest of the orcs.
" I'am coming, orc!" yelled someone with a mighty voice. The fighting has stopped and everyone was looking around...
A dark character was walking through the fallen bodies. He walked slowly, and was covered in black coat and hood.
It was the so called Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters were elves with...hm...lets say non-elven ways of killing the enemy. His name was Irrä.
In his eyes was burning a small fire, and he smiled. " Come then..."

Back in the Holy wood of Lothlorien, the elvish army was victoriously coming back. With the last Rebel army slaughtered, there will be peace!
"Irrä, the Lady wants to talk to you." said an elvish messenger when the wives were meeting their men.
He climbed the tall tree, and there he kneeled before Galadriel.

"Great victory, once again Irrä." she said.
He looked at her. His face was partly covered with green blood. "Do you know how Demon Hunters were created?"
"Yes..." he said in a quiet voice.
"They were corrupted elves by demons...they hated the demons so much, they learned the best ways to slaughter them."
The lady nodded. "Yes. Full of hate, they started slaughtering not only the demons, but even the rest of the races. He knew what she was apointing to. He was the last Demon Hunter, and they had to get rid of him.
He stood up in his armor, and said in all his glory "Then give me heroic death...".

That night, the elves met at a altar. Irrä was half naked.
"At last, you will get rid of the demonic remains ,Irrä." said Galadriel.
All of a sudden, Irrä fell dead. His soul left his body.

But what no one knew, Irrä's wife bears a child, that has the marks of his father... The last Demon Hunter, destined to live in exile...

In Chapter 2, Irrä's child is born, and his faith is to be exiled from the Free World...
however you can't just forget your past.

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