Looks like morning - ~prologue~


Although it was late I felt like I needed to get outside, to be alone for a while. That what they just told me just freaked me out, and it made me feel dizzy. It is strange to hear that you are not their true daughter, but founded just after their real daughter died when she was two. That those people (the parents) have been taking care of you without treading you different is great, but then you would at least suspect that your elder sisters would have threaten you different. However they saw me as one of them, as a sister, and I am glad that they shared so much with me. Whether it was about being a bridesmaid at their wedding or becoming an aunt of such lovely children, they supported me through my life and thanks to them my life was perfect. And now it seems like my world is falling into pieces.

Not knowing where else to go, I went to the river, where I normally go swimming with my friends every summer. Except this summer night wasn't so normally after all, so now I went to a quiet place to think about what just happened. In spite of sitting there for a couple of hours I still felt terrible, but then I heard some strange voices. It was a language I haven't heard before, but living nowadays it is not so strange to hear that so I didn't pay much attention.

Suddenly some creatures came into my sight and they scared almost the living daylights out of me. They were hideous and not human like, so within ten seconds I was back on my feet and started running along the river side, while they were shooting arrows at me. I knew I shouldn't look back, but I just couldn't resist it. Strange enough I didn't met any people on my flight though it is normally crowded.

So I felt myself praised when I finally saw a boat, since I was getting short of breath. I took the boat and, hoping that they couldn't swim I started rowing like an idiot. When I reached the middle of the river I got into the stream of the water and I thought that they had finally give up chasing me since I didn't see or hear any arrows anymore. The only thing I heard is that they were yelling to me, presumably abuse since it didn't sound that peaceful.

However, suddenly I felt like I got stinged by a bee only a hundred times worse but before I had the time to check how badly the wound was, I fainted and while I was surrounded by the mists I drifted away from my world to another place...

Author's note: I published this one before under a different title, only I made some differences now. I hope that you like it

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