Living a Lie

She didn&#8217;t know why he had offered to help her find her way around; he didn&#8217;t know her at all so why did he trust her? Okay, truth be told they&#8217;d been traveling for days to his home on the top of a far away mountain. You see, he&#8217;d saved her life when she was inches from death. Her name was Melanie and she looked like a normal girl but was anything but. She was a morpher, like most wizards but her morphing was different, it was the only magical thing she could do. She&#8217;d been injured in her wolf form and was found by Ged as he was on his way back. Somehow he had known she wasn&#8217;t a wolf and had helped her as best as he could, but he said she still needed better healing he&#8217;d told her.<br /> * * *<br /> Melanie was tired from walking although having Ged along with her helped somewhat. He still hadn't told her enough about what he knew for her to trust him. She stared at his cloaked back. They had been going for three days without stopping, except to pick some fruit and it was dark again.<br /> <br /> &quot;Ged, please may we stop for the night?&quot; She reached out and gently grasped his forearm.<br /> <br /> He turned and her hand slid into his, his eyes focused on her, &quot;I think we deserve to rest.&quot;<br /> <br /> They went to the side of the road, past some bushes. Melanie rolled out a woolen blanket for both of them and then laid down. The stars had come out lighting the darkness dimly. She sighed and turned over then fell asleep. Her dreams weren't pleasant.<br /> <br /> Her father was walking toward her smiling, &quot;Honey, please lets play, you hide behind a tree and I'll find you alright?&quot; She said okay and hid close-by. But her father never found her. From where she hid she saw the men come after him and how he fought off most only to e stabbed in the chest. She wanted to scream but her voice it seemed had disappeared. She waited for two weeks behind that tree before someone found her.<br /> <br /> Melanie curled tightly into a ball shaking badly.<br /> <br /> She was working for Mr. Sandeti the blacksmith. He said he wanted to talk to her so she followed him into his house. She was grabbed by someone and blind-folded. It had been the worst night of her life, whip after whip her skin tore open bleeding her pain. Even then she had not cried. But Mr. Sadneti hadn't lived to see the next day, her power, whatever it was had killed him slowly, a little bit at a time.<br /> <br /> She screamed and twitched.<br /> <br /> And then her brother Taum was looking at her as she left home. &quot;Why are you going?&quot; He asked. She told him that she had things to do but what she was thinking was I have things to hide from. Three weeks later she heard that he had been killed, then that night she woke not knowing where she was.<br /> <br /> Melanie gasped in her sleep, tense and unable to move. Desperate Ged grabbed her shoulders and started to rock her humming an old wizard&#8217;s melody of tranquil seas. Ever so slowly she stopped.<br />
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