Little Knight - chapter 2-Questions without answers

Legolas felt something poke him.He groaned and sat up quickly bringing his blades out in front of him.With a cry,he leaped to his feet and swooshed at his enemy.

At Gimli.

The wild,blind swing nearly took the dwarf's head.Gimli luckily jumped back."D@mn it,elf,you trying to kill me?!"Gimli yelled.

Legolas stood there for a moment,stunned.Finally he said,"Sorry,Gimli.I thought you were someone else."He looked around."Where is Aragorn?"

"Didn't you see,elf?That accursed wing thing got 'em."

It all came back to Legolas."We have to help him!"

"Um,elf,we've got something else to worry about."

Gimli led Legolas's gaze to the Army of the Dead.None of them looked happy.
Pippin ran through the crowd of soldiers trying to find Gandalf."Grand Dad!Grand Dad!"he called.His heart was nearly thudding out of his chest,his blood boiling.Finally,he saw Gandalf mounted on Shadowfax.

"GRAND DAD!"Pippin screamed.Gandalf turned and looked at him.Pippin stopped and took a moment to catch his breath,his hand pulling through his blonde,sweatened curls."Denethor has lost his mind!He's going to burn Faramir!"he finally yelled.

"Burn him alive?"Gandalf repeated."That is ill-news indeed!Come with me!"
Pippin hoped on behind Gandalf bringing his arms around the wizard,trying to still his violent shaking.They needed to stop Denethor.

Gandalf busted in through the doors just as the torch touched the hay."FARAMIR!"he yelled.

He jumped from Gandalf's horse on top of Faramir.With all his strengh he rolled Faramir off the pyre.With a yell,Denthor charged at him.
Gandalf hit Denthor with his staff,knocking the man right on the pyre.

Just then Faramir opened his eyes,and looked at his father in flames."Faramir,my son!"Denthor yelled.
Just then,the flames increased.With a howl,Denthor jumped off the pyre and ran down the hall,aflame.

"Peregrin..."Faramir wheezed.Pippin bent low over Faramir."Yes?"
"How comes the war?"
"Good."Actually,he had no idea.
Faramir squeezed his hand."I saw Aragorn in my dream,"he said above a hoarse whisper."The nazgul got him."
At this point,Gandalf stooped low and listened."Sauron got him and he turned evil.He led the Evil Army against us"

Gandalf laughed."Alas,it was just a nightmare."he said."Aragorn would NEVER fall under Sauron's will."
Faramir still looked unsure.
Pippin hugged the wizard tighter as they rode out of the gates.He hated horse-back riding,and Orcs may still be around.
"What are we doing,Grand Dad?"he asked.
"We are finding Aragorn,Legolas,and Gimli."

Pippin shuddered as a thought came into his mind.Had Faramir's dream come true?
Nonesense,he thought.Aragorn was too pure and good a man to become evil.But still...
Suddenly,Shadowfax reared and neighed.Something hit him in the face,knocking him off the horse.The last thing he saw before fainting,was a pair a green feet running toward him...

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