Little Knight - CH.4-Arguement


Hey!SOOOOOOOOO sorry,that I havn't been writing this.I've had ALOT of comments on this story.I will be finishing "A Call From the Past" soon.If you want to read the original story go to want you to know something though.The reason for why Pippen(actually ALL the hobbits) call Gandalf "Grand Dad" cannot be reavealed until later chapters.Also,Merry and Eowyn is supposed to be jack-asses in this story.And I realize that this story makes Aragorn look like a wimp.But I will make all this up later.


Swords and spears bit into his flesh,tasking his life from him.Laughter and roars sounded all about him.Merry tried to scream,but the only sound that came was the gurgle of blood and vomit."There's no one here to save you now."

He looked in the direction of the voice.It was a tall,slender figure stalking toward him,sword in hand,dripping blood.

His blood.

He suddenly realized that they were the only ones-alive-on the battlefield.

"Go away!"


Why did that voice sound so familar?


Merry scrambled to his feet,and drew his sword.But the figure was gone.He was in his tent.In Rohan.

He shook his head and sank back on the mat.
"I need to get some rest."he muttered.He ran his hand through his wet,curly,blonde hair.He half-expected it to be blood caked,but when he drew his hand back,and looked at it it was only sweat.
His cousin's name made him feel better.How he wished Pippen was with him.He wished that he had never left the shire.He sat there a moment,wondering how his cousin was doing.He wanted to tell Pip so despretely about his awful nightmares.But Pip wasn't here.

Eowyn was.

Eowyn ran her small,pale hand through her long,golden hair.She often did that when he was pondering.She'd been pondering alot lately.Ever since her cousin,Theodred,died and the wretched Grima stalking her,she'd been having bad dreams lately.One just came true.


"My Lady?"

Eowyn jumped at the sound of the unexpected voice.When she turned,all she saw was Merry.She relaxed,but somehow felt slightly annoyed at his presence.Ever since,the wizard had taken the other halfling elsewhere,she began to grow annoyed with him.

"What do you want?"she said trying not to sound agitated.

"I had a bad dream."

She turned away.

"Damn,you don't have to be a ***!I just need to talk to someone!"

She turned back,her eyes flashing.

"Do you know to whom you speak?"

She got up and came towards him.

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