LEGOLAS (Script Series) Episode #1 (Continution) - The Troop (Scenes 5-6) Time:Third Age, year 1075


Legolas is leading Baret and Mira toward the front door that will lead into the inner courtyard.

My, this is such a big place!

Did the Dwarves dig this place out?

There were some who engineered, but it was moslty Elvish-hands that did the digging.

I've never been around many Elves. I don't know quite how to act.

Not to worry.

What do you do for entertainment evenings?

LEGOLAS: (Smiles)
You shall soon find out.


There are many Elves out there and most are in small groups; they are unusually quiet and curious about the two human visitors.

LEGOLAS: (loudly to the Elves)
Well? Is this a funeral or what?

The Elves then come to life; they start talking and laughing and singing and playing hand-held harps and flutes and even the birds start singing and a group of young maidens with wreaths in their hair start dancing in a circle around a fountain.

Baret and Mira seemed amazed at the gaiety.

The Troop walks up to Legolas and the strangers.

BARAS: (to Legolas)
We staying here, or going into the woods?

I don't think our guests are ready for woods-frolic. Tonight we stay here in the courtyard.


People, this here is Baret...and this is Mira...they will be here a few days so they will be coming with us on our camping along the Forest River.

(then introduces Troop)

This here is Baras, my right arm, and his sister, Narbeleth, my left arm...and this is Brui, my right eye, and Elanor, his maiden-friend..and this is Gladellon, my left eye, and his maiden-friend, Alfirin...this here is Tarag, my swords-man, and lastly, Erinelleth, our minstrel and poet. We all grew up together and know each other well...too well, perhaps...but we all love life and live it best we can.

(to Troop)

So? Bring us a keg and some sweets and show these Long-Lake folks how to enjoy a warm, beautiful star-lit evening!

Brui and Gladellon goes off to get a small wine ket; Narbeleth makes eye-contact with Baret and motions for him to follow her, off to a bench under a large tree nearby; Elanor and Alfirin go towards tables that contains food and sweets; Erinelleth starts to strum her harp off to one side; Baras and and Tarag go and sit by some Elf-maidens but keep watchful eyes on the courtyeard; Brui and Gladellon come back with a keg and have several cups and fill one for Legolas and one for Mira and then go off to find their maiden-friends.

MIRA: (tastes wine)
This is very good!

It's from Dorwinion. Being from Esgaroth you know it is the best east of the Mountains?


(takes another sip)

It is.

Legolas frowns slightly, but then forces a smile.

Would you like to join in the dancing?

Oh, no, I cannot dance like that. It is dance like a breeze over the earth, like they do not touch the ground! I have never seen dancing like that!

(looks about)

Everyone seems so happy!

Most times, we are a happy people. Are you not happy?

Yes...but not like this...your people seem to ooze with it. It's in their faces, their voices! And look at Baret! He likes that friend of yours...Narbeleth? His face is radiant!

LEGOLAS: (frowns)
Yes, she's a spell-binder. I better go rescue him. Stay here.

He walks over to the bench under the tree and both Narbeleth and Baret stand yp. Legolas gives her 'a look'.

Don't give me that look. I am being a lady, am I not, Baret Edmond?

Yes, you are. Is there a problem, Legolas?

No problem, but I think it may be good now to show you and your sister where you will be sleeping. We will be starting out early in the morning. I would like to speak with Narbeleth alone for a moment. If you will join your sister, I will come shortly.

Baret strides off, and Legolas gives Narbeleth another 'look'.

Hands off.

He is old enough.

That was an order, not a request.

What are you so grumpy about?

They claim to be from Esgaroth. Have you ever seen them there?

Nay. So?

I think they may be lying about that. If so, my father needs to be warned.

The man, Baret, he is attracted to me. I will see what I can find out quietly if you rescind your order?

LEGOLAS: (ponders)
Nay. They are in my charge and I will not see either of them in the grasp of Elvish wiles, male or female.

NARBELETH: (strokes his forearm)
Then who shall I grasp this fine night?

LEGOLAS: (pulls arm away)
Not I...I'm in no mood this evening for maiden wiles either. Find some other.

He walks away.

NARBELETH: (mutters)
I shall.

She glances around the courtyard wondering who to flirt with next and a group of three Elves smile at her and she smiles back and all three head her way.

(to be continued)

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