Legolas's Sea Love - Legolas reunites with his love

He could smell the salty sea air in his cabin. It was a delightful smell. Legolas was getting ready to go to rest, for tomorrow the ship would reach Valinor, the land of his people. He lay down on his bed thinking of his love on the other side.

"Melawen." he whispered to himself.

He missed her so. When she left, he felt his heart tear out of him. The sweet scent of the ocean and the thought of her made Legolas drift into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

Then the young elf stirred, for he heard someone singing.

To the Sea! The sea is calling,
My voice so loud is falling,
My love is still grieving,
For my heart is leaving,
Soon he will return to me,
As he travels across the sea...

Legolas climbed out of his bed and walked out the door. At the edge of the deck he saw a young elven maiden clad in silver with long, flowing dark hair. He drew close to her and he could still hear her humming.

"Lady?" Legolas whispered aloud.

The woman then turned to face him, revealing her. It was Melawen, his love who had left Middle Earth long ago.

"Legolas." She gasped as she walked toward him. He became close to her and grasped her in an embrace.

"I thought I would never see you again," he said to the maiden.

"I missed you so much." Then Melawen began to weep.

"Is this a dream? Can it really be you?" Legolas asked.

"Yes it is. It is I. Now look upon yourself, and look at what you are." She said.

He looked down and he was clad in pure white robes.

"How can this be? Did you do this?" he asked.

"No. When you heard my song, you died of a broken heart. Only the dead can hear me, for that is what I am. Ever since I died, I have followed you on all of your journeys. So you did not leave Middle Earth without me. I followed you so I could welcome you home when it was time." Melawen explained.

"Home?" Legolas wondered, and then he finally understood.

"We are finally together." The maiden said.

"Forever." He added.

Then, they kissed each other as the sun rose. And they vanished into a white light. They went home, together. To stay.

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