Legolas' Pain - An elf's hope

And Legolas hears clearly the soft pad of the mortal's feet as Aragorn walks up to him.
He is lucky,Legolas thinks to himself,He feels not the pain of immortality.
And he looks sadly apon Aragorn's face and says:

Last night
I dreamt of her.
Dreamt of her
Velvet touch
Apon my
Lonely skin.

Dreamt of
Her lips;
Pressed apon
My eager body.

I dreamt
Of her gasp
As I lovingly touched her.

I dreamt of
Her sweet breath
Carressing my face.

I dreamt of
Her fingers
Scraping my flesh
And of her smile-
Her beautiful smile-
As I held her.

And I dremt
of her rejection.
Dreamt of her
Hate for immortality
And I knew I could love her
No more.

-Aragorn forces back tears for his pained friend and paints on a watery smile.
''She does not reject you,''he says,''She has nothing against the immortals.I see how she looks at you-''
''No,''Legolas cuts him off,''It was just a dream.Just a hope.Just an elven fantasy.''
A single tear falls from the elf's aged eyes ,and he turns away,looking longingly up at the stars.

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