Legolas' Mermaid - Chapter 3

Legolas whipped around. There stood Aragorn, clad in peasant wear.
Aragorn had aged little, since he had last seen him, two years ago. His expression was strained, like he had been overworking. His eyes held sadness.
"Aragorn, my king," Legolas said as he knelt.
"Legolas. What have we got here?" he asked, sounding amused.
"Nothing but a fish. Come, we will sup together."
"Legolas, that is no fish. That is a legend come true. A mermaiden."
Legolas sighed. Aragorn would never understand why he had kept her. This would be a time where they would disagree again.
"She is a mermaiden, kept here by me to care for her wounds. She was attacked by sharks, and I found her on the beach," Legolas admitted.
"Are you going to pay attention to me at all? I like to eat you know! Who is that? Speak to me in Elvish, not that silly English!" snapped Filleree.
Argorn stopped talking and peered around Legolas. He studied Filleree for a moment. Filleree studied him also. She had never seen a human before.
"I see your little mermaiden is quite the chatterbox. Maybe you will tell me all about her while we sup together?" asked Argorn as he led Legolas away.
Legolas walked with him and began the tale.

Filleree watched the elf and human leave. Sighing, she slipped into the water. Her stomach was sending her hunger signals. If she didn't eat soon, she would faint.
It took merfolk little time to starve to death. Only two days and she would die without food. Merfolk never drank, unless they traded for wine or cider, then they would use it sparingly.
She swam to the bottom and pushed against it. It wouldn't budge. She was trapped.
Filleree thought again of the prophecy.

Legolas slipped into his bath chamber. In his hand, he held a plate of food for Filleree.
He looked about for Filleree. She was half in, half out of the water, he head resting on the tiled floor.
Walking quietly, he was soon at her side. She continued to sleep peacefully. She didn't even stir when he set the plate down.
"About time too. I was beginning to think you were never going to feed me," Filleree murmured, her eyes closed.
"How did you know I was here?" asked Legolas playfully.
"I felt your vibrations. That's how we know if a fish or whale or mer is there. Or a shark."
"So, here's some food that elves, humans, and dwarves enjoy. It's probably not what you are used to, but I hope you'll like it."
"Do you have conch shell jelly, tuna, sea slug treacle, or shrimp?"
"No, I have bread, roast boar, various vegetable and cider. Is that what you like?"
"I've never tried it. I might as well though. How long do plan on keeping me here?"
"Oh, until you get better. That reminds me, I need to clean your wounds. I'll be back."
Legolas returned with jars and bandages. He waited until Filleree stopped eating and proceeded to dress her side.

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