Legolas' Mermaid - chapter 1

Legolas surveyed the vast sea surrounding his island home. The sea could be treacherous he knew. Aragorn barely visited him because of the horrible waves. He was glad he knew how to swim.
He looked out and saw movement in the water. Bubbles were coming up from below. Something was struggling in the water.
Then, a fin broke the surface. Sharks. They must be killing something big.
Legolas left the beach and wandered back to his home where Gimli would have cooked supper. Maybe it was smoked fish.

The next morning, Legolas went down to the beach to look for driftwood and for Aragorn's ship. When he got down there, he didn't expect to see a huge fish lying on the beach.
He got closer. It wasn't a fish. It was a mermaiden that was lying facedown.
Her scales were a brilliant silver, almost blinding. Her hair was a deep, deep, auburn. She had extremely pale skin that was almost transparent. Legolas knelt down and turned her over. Her front was covered by scales.
She was hurt he saw. On her right side, there were several gashes bright red with blood.
"So, you were what the sharks were killing, little mermaiden," he said.
Without warning, she shot up, screaming.

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