Legolas' First Bow - The Young Elven-prince

'Legolas, Legolas' called Thrandruil, 'Legolas,its time to practice your archery skills!'

'I'm just coming!'sounded a small voice that came from inside the forest.

Suddenly an elf boy jumped from a tree in front of Thrandruil,the elf boy was a good height, not too small yet not uncommonly tall. He had shoulder length golden hair but in a certain light it shimmered silver. His eyes were a soft brown like deep dark pools. He was clad in Elven green with small light shoes on. His skin was fair and warm.

'Ah!there you are!' Thrandruil laughed.

'I'm sorry I did not come at your first call Father, I was talking to one of the Ents,' replied Legolas in a worried voice.

'Anyway you are here now, we shall talk of the Ents later!'

Thrandruil pulled out a large bow and a couple of arrows and handed them to Legolas.

'Now today we shall practice on targets.'

Legolas looked up at his Father with a disapointed look on his face.

'What ever is the matter?' asked Thrandril concerningly.

'You said yester morn that I had learnt every thing and you would give me my own first bow.'

Legolas was 14 years old and had not yet received a bow of his own. He always practiced with his Fathers bow since the age of 5 and always dreamed of the day when he would possess one.

'So I did, so I did.' Thrandruil had a slight smile on his face. 'Follow me'.

Thrandruil led Legolas into the palace to a locked room. He drew out a small key it was gold with small leaves round it. He unlocked the door and walked in.

Legolas was overtaken with the beauty of the room. Different things lay on stands of stone; armour, weapons and clothes all of great detail. He turned to his father with amazement in his eyes.

'Why was I not told of this room?' Legolas asked.

'I was waiting for this day to show you it,' Thrandruil replied.

Legolas was drawn to one stand in perticular. There was a maiden carved in stone holding a flat tray: upon the tray was a beautiful golden bow with small paterns on it.

'That my son,is for you,' Thrandruil said proudly. The king moved toward it and picked it up. He knelt down to Legolas and handed it to him. 'This is your bow. May it bring you safety and pride.'

Legolas looked at it with honour. 'Thank you my Father. I shall use it wisely and with care.' With that he kissed his Father's head and held the bow to his breast.

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