Legolas and Antira - Chapter 6 (The attack)

When she woke up the next morning, she found everybody standing around her other than Legolas.

When she stood up, she felt dizzy but with all her might, she ran out of the room in tears. "STOP HER!" Cried Lord Denethor. But when the guards ran out the door, they found her outside the door holding Legolas with all her might yelling

"Legolas! Im sorry! Im sorry for everything! Everything!"

she was crying on his shoulder yelling it and repeating it all over again.

To Antira, it seemed to last forever but to the others only a few seconds were spared.

Legolas seemed surprised. He thought he was mad at her! And yet, he was holding her as well!

"Its ok Antira. Its ok, I understand." he whispered while letting go of his grasp.

But as they lessened their grasp still holding onto each other, Antira locking eyes with Legolas, her father grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of reach of Legolas.

"Antira! Never do that again!" Lord Denethor said while slapping her across the face.

As her head turned with the force, her hair turned as well, hiding the tears that came down her face and onto the floor.

Legolas just stood there. His face a pale shade of white with fear.

"Lord Denethor, please, you should be happy your daughter is home!" Legolas said approaching "Are you happy that she is home? If you are, you should not be abusing her!"

Legolas finished looking confident that he would win.

"What if im happy she's home! What do you know anyhow? You are but a mire elf!" Lord Denethor finished as he also approached Legolas.

But Legolas wasn't scared. "Lord Denethor, when your daughter ran away from here, she ran to Mirkwood. She ran to me and my father Lord Tharanduil. We gave her a loving home, food and a lot of wanted love. There, we both fell in love but we did not tell the other. Lord Denethor, I've known your daughter longer than you have and I have realized that she is wise beyond her years. I know that she is a loving person with a big heart which you don't have. She has had a wonderful life, do not spoil it for her now. I beg you. Don't." Legolas finished with sympathy in his eyes.

Antira looked up at him from the floor where she now sit. Legolas could clearly see tears rolling down her cheek where a bruise now starting to appear. As he looked at Antira, she looked helpless. So, as he looked down at Antira, Legolas added,

" Lord Denethor, she loves you. And that's why . . . she's not fighting back." he said with anger in his voice.

Antira thought to herself <>

That was it! Lord Denethor had clearly had enough! He punched Legolas in the face!

"All I want is for Antira to be happy! And if she's not happy, then *** the whole of Middle-earth!" Lord Denethor finished.

But, with all her might, Antira got off the floor and tapped her father on the shoulder. When he turned around she looked at him straight in the eyes and said,

"Father, if you want me to be happy, then let me go my own direction in life! Father, I love Legolas. And if Legolas is going back to Mirkwood after the ring is destroyed, then so am I! And if you don't want me to go, then god help your soul and if you want to try and stop me than go ahead. But I guarantee you, I will get out! And if you keep abusing me like this than maybe when you die and go to hell, just maybe I will have the courage to keep loving you and maybe keep you in my heart. Im not being queen and maybe if you ask Faramir to be king, maybe he will take my place!" Antira finally gave him a look of hatred and ran over to help Legolas to his feet.

As she helped him, he thought to himself << Maybe she's not as helpless as I thought! Maybe that's what I saw in her. I underestimated her in a way that I shouldn't of. And in a way that I never will again.>>

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