Legolas and Antira: Chapter 35- Now, a Journey for Ten - With true love on the horizon, the Fellowship set out for the destruction of the one ring, but while Legolas and Antira try to keep their love alive, the sky grows ever darker and the enemy keeps mo

She flat out lied. She wasn't going to see Aragorn. She needed time by herself. To just think. Figure out what she was going to do about everything.

She sat in that garden for a good hour and a half before anybody came.

"Legolas came to see me. He doesn't know what to do." said a voice behind her.

It was Gandalf.


She kept sitting there. Staring at the ground and letting everything sink into her mind.

"I'm not going to kick you out of the Fellowship, Antira. I would never do that to you. You volunteered to come, and that I admire. We need everyone that we can get to finish this war." he sat down on the bench beside Antira.

"Why do you think I wouldn't let you come." Gandalf inquired as Antira remained silent.

"I don't know. I just thought that..."

"Since you were pregnant you were not allowed to fight? Until you go and have the child, you can fight. I know you. You'll do anything to help." he said as he got up from his seat.

"Then I will continue the journey..." she said as she got up also.

<> she thought as she left the garden.

Outside the door, she met Aragorn. He didn't look happy with her.

"Congratulations. Why did you do that. You know what's at stake here." he said as she continued to walk. He grabbed her hand so that she couldn't get away.

"Just leave me alone. You know how I'm feeling about all this. I wish I wasn't bearing a child. I wish that you did not come back to get me. Maybe I wish that I wasn't even born. That would get rid of most of my problems, wouldn't it." Antira yelled as she struggled out of his hands.

She left him standing there. Nothing else to say to her.

He was starting to worry now.

She went back to her room and fell on the bed. She still didn't know what to do.

<> she thought as she started to doze off.

It was a dreamless sleep for her that night. One of the deepest sleeps that she had ever been in. So deep that she didn't feel Legolas crawl into bed with her that night.

The next morning she woke up on a horse in front of Legolas. She wasn't feeling well, but she could hold it. She wanted more sleep. A sleep that would last an eternity...just as long as she wasn't in anymore pain.

Pain from love, from friendship, from swords or arrows...from fighting. She wanted out, but she didn't want it either.

She felt an arm slip around her waist, and a head close to hers. She relaxed against his body as they continued to ride on.

She felt content there. In his arms. Never wanted to leave them.

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