Legolas and Antira - Chapter 33: A Special Surprise...or Maybe Not So Special After all...

"Everything will be alright." Aragorn said as he walked down the steps to join the rest of the Fellowship.

Everyone put on a sign of relief as they tied up their horses and walked in for dinner.

Legolas and Antira didn't join them for supper that night. They spent the night talking. Talking about everything. They walked around the palace and spent all their time together.

But that night, neither of them slept because of everything that had happened. They might have just been scared because of what happened the last time they spent the night in the palace walls. They still had that deep down fear that one of them might be gone when they wake up the next morning.

The fellowship spent the next week in those walls. Every night Legolas and Antira got just a little more sleet then they would have the night before.

Antira was getting use to this place again. She thought that she never would. But she was. The love for her home was starting to grow.

On the day of their leave, Antira woke up laying on her back. She didn't feel good at all.

It was almost noon when the door opened to show Aragorn walking into the room.

"What's haven't been down all day. You haven't eaten. Are you sick?" He asked as he took a seat on the bed beside her.

"I don't know. I'm not hungry, no energy...I don't want to talk at all. Just want to lay here until I die. I got sick this morning...but I didn't have anything to eat...I really don't know..." she said as she closed her eyes again.

Aragorn looked worried. He had seen these symptoms before. But where.

He made his way downstairs to go and see Legolas. When he found him, he brought him upstairs to the side of Antira.

She was now starting to look very pail. Her eyes were blood shot. She had no more grace left in her because of the sickness she had acquired.

Legolas stayed by her side for the rest of the day thinking...asking himself what could be wrong with her.

"Nothing I did could have made this come upon her...unless..." Legolas asked himself.

" you think..." Antira started as Legolas nodded his head.

"Maybe...just maybe..."

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