Legolas and Antira - Chapter 32: Forgiving Love

They rode for 3 days to Gondor.

All the time, Legolas had in his mind that she might just take the crown. He had to get to her in time!

"How far have we gone?" Legolas kept asking.

"Would you stop asking. We are almost there." Gandalf said getting annoyed.

He knew that he was being annoying, but he couldn't help it. He cared for this girl and he wasn't prepared to let her go over a crown that she wanted to take because of him.

That's when the guilt started to flow in. It was because of him that she ran away. It was because of him that she is going to take the crown. It was because of him that her life was going to be ruined.

They traveled for another 2 days before they arrived and when they did, they we're met by a very anxious Faramir.

"I'm so glad you're here. She wont listen to me. She wont leave. Not that I want her too...but..."

"Don't worry. We're here to get her. She's not taking that crown if we can help it." Aragorn said as he ran up the steps into the hall.

Legolas went after him. He wasn't going to just stand behind and watch as the others did all the work. It was his mess and he was going to make it right.

They made their way up to her room. He was almost sweating. He didn't know what she would do when he walked in.

"Legolas, just stay out here for a minute. I'll go in and talk to her." Aragorn said as he turned the knob to walk into the room.

Legolas watched as he walked into the room. He couldn't help but feel guilty because of everything that he had done, now it was like he was getting the rest of the fellowship to do the rest of his dirty work.

Aragorn stepped into the room.

"Leave me alone, Legolas." She said as she stood in the door way of her balcony looking out at the hills of Gondor.

"I'm not Legolas." Aragorn said approaching her.

"Then leave me alone anyways...I don't want to talk to anyone right now." Antira said as she straightened her back a little.

"Just listen to what I have to say." Aragorn started as he walked towards her. "I've had the opportunity to look into Legolas' eyes for the past 3 days while you weren't there. You can't even imagine the pain that he is in right now. You see guilt, passion, love...and fear. He doesn't want you to take this crown. If you take it you know what will happen. You'll be bound here forever. Never to leave this town again. Never to see any of us again. Never to see him again. He needs you to survive. He'll die without you. He found the one that he loves, and he's not ready to give her up just yet. It's you. Do you want him to die?" He finished.

Antira stood there for a few seconds staring out into the hills letting everything he has said sink in. Then she turned around.

He looked into her eyes and watched as the first tear ran down them.

"He doesn't love me anymore. He never will. He has lost hope in everything. The war, and us. That is never going to change." She said calmly.

"It has. He loves you. Why do you think that he has come back for you? He needs you Antira like nobody has needed an elf before." Aragorn said as he looked out the window. He could hear the rest of the fellowship talking below them.

"No he wont! I know this! It will never change!" Antira said trying to run out of the room.

Aragorn grabbed her around the waist and held her there. She tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. All the time, her eyes welled up with tears that kept falling down her pale cheeks and onto his shoulder until her head rest there, crying. Crying the tears of love.

"He'll never forgive me. He doesn't believe me. It wasn't me talking. Saruman took over me." She said crying into his shoulder.

"Antira, I do believe you." said a voice from the doorway.

She looked up. There he was. Pity in his eyes, guilt there too. Then she saw something that she had never seen in his eyes before. Forgiveness.

Aragorn let her go. She stood there. Unable to move because of the sight of his eyes.

He came closer to her. She didn't move. He kept approaching until his hands we're on the top of her arms.

"I always believed you. No matter what I said. I always believe you...because...I love you and if you leave me right now, I will die. I need you." He said as more tears fell down her delicate face.

There we're no words for this conversation. They we're staring into each other's eyes and they both knew what was going through each others heads.

Forgiveness, fear, endless love.

Aragorn left the room silently. He left them alone together. They had to get over it.

He took her into his arms and hugged her hard. Harder than he had ever hugged her before. He kissed her forehead as she rested her head on his shoulders. Everything was alright.

Everything would be alright.

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