Legolas and Antira - Chapter 31: Rescuing the Princess from the crown

"Where is she?" Legolas kept asking himself.

They we're all getting up from a short night sleep when he noticed that she wasn't there. All he knew was that he had to find her. He didn't want her getting taken again by Saruman.

Legolas walked around to everyone but there was no luck. He couldn't think. He was starting to panic. "What happened to her" He kept saying to himself.

"Legolas, don't torture yourself. She's a smart girl. She'll find us when she's ready." Gandalf said sympathetically. But Legolas wouldn't hear any of it.

He had to find her.

"Aragorn! You must know something. You we're the one who knew last time. Where would she have been!" Legolas said very quickly.

Aragorn looked at him. He could see him pleading with his eyes. He thought. Hard. Very hard.

Legolas looked into his eyes. He could see the wheels turning. Turning at an alarming rate.

"Could she be..." he started.

"Where!?" Legolas yelled impatient to know the answer.

"Gondor?" Aragorn finished.

Legolas starred at him. "Why?" he thought. "Why would she go back there when her heart was here? Could she have thought..." that's when it hit him. She thought he didn't love her anymore. The fighting. It all came back to him. He had to get to Gondor. He had to find a way to get her back!

"We have to go to Gondor." Legolas said walking up to Gandalf in a hurry.

"Why?" He asked saddling his horse and getting ready for the long journey ahead of them.

"Because, that's where Antira is. She ran back to Gondor...thinking...thinking that I didn't love her anymore. Because of all the fighting. I have to get her back. I can't live without her!" He pleaded.

Gandalf really didn't have a choice at that point. He had to bring him to Gondor.

Not only was she a value to him, but she was a member of the Fellowship. A member they couldn't lose. At any cost. Even if that ment that they had to take a day to get her back.

"Fine. To Gondor we ride." He said as he mounted his horse and turned it in the opposite direction that they we're going to be going in.

Legolas hurried to his horse. Telling everybody to hurry up. Because he knew, what very well could happen. She could take the crown. Which would be a disaster to the rest of the world.

Even him.

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