Legolas and Antira- Chapter 28: Losing Hope - Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the one ring?


That is all she needed. But she couldn't.

The Fellowship lay in a clearing somewhere in the middle of the forest where they were chased by the Ringwraiths.

It was a beautiful clearing. She could see everything from where she lay. The stars, the moon, even the planets that always lay hidden to her eyes.

She lay there awake for the longest time. Pretending to be asleep. She knew Legolas was laying awake beside her.

She needed to think.

Finally she got up and headed towards the forest.

Legolas got up also. It wasn't a secret that she was awake. She kept walking. Finally she stopped.

"Why do you follow me." Antira asked as he walked up to her and put his arms around her waist.

"I follow you because I don't want you to get hurt." He said kissing her cheek.

She knew they hadn't had any time alone for a long time, but did they have to do that now? In the middle of a forest?

"That is not why you follow me, Legolas." She said turning around in his arms to face him.

"Do you think I lie?"He said pulling her closer.

"No. But, I don't think your telling me everything.Why do you follow me?"she asked again.Their bodies were now touching each other very closely. She loved that feeling but she didn't want it then. She just wanted to talk.

Legolas had wanted her there for so long. He always wanted her there and this time, he wanted to keep her there.

"Legolas, I just want to talk...I know we haven't been able to be this close in a long time but, I just need to talk. After that, you can hold me all you want." Antira said as he kissed
her lips gently.

"Ok. Lets talk." he said releasing his grasp a little.

They talked for half an hour before she started to get into the important things.

"Legolas, I want to talk to you about..." she didn't finish.

"About what?" he asked as he watched her more intentively.

"This is really hard for me to tell you. I...I had a dream. A dream of what might happen...when the ring is destroyed.
Frodo dies. Sam is captured. Merry and Pippin are trapped. Gandalf is helpless. Gimli is lost. Aragorn is defenceless. We will all die." She finished as tears began roling down her cheeks.

She looked at the ground.

"What about us?" Legolas asked bringing her head up with his hands.

"What will happen to us?" she repeated. "Well, I will tell you. We will both die. Mirkwood will be left without a future King, Gondor will fall, and we will be dead!" She yelled as he watched her closely.

"You don't know that."Legolas said trying not to believe her. But he did. He was losing hope.But Antira. It was already lost.

"We will. I know. You know, everybody knows." Antira said as she looked deep into his eyes. "Ever since the first day we left Rivendell, I watched you. You have been losing hope ever since we took that first step out of there. You
know, and I know. We can't survive" She said as hugged her.

"No. We wont. We will live." He said as he rested his head on her shoulder. He was glad she couldn't see his face. He felt a tear role down his cheek.

He knew it was true. They would never make it out of there alive.

Legolas couldn't take it anymore. He had to get out of there. He let her go. She looked at him, puzzled.

"What's wrong?"she asked as he walked a few steps backwards.

"You're right. I have lost hope. I've lost hope in everything. The ring will never be destroyed. Everybody will die." He said
running off into the woods leaving her behind.

Then something happened.She felt like herself but she wasn't. She noticed that her voice was like a tiny voice in the backgroud. There was another voice overpowering hers in her mind. A voice that wouldn't let her speak. She didn't have control over her actions. She didn't feel anything around her. Her body felt like a rock. But it was moving. She wasn't though. There was somthing inside of her.Something that was doing all this for her. Something that wanted her to lose hope. Lose faith. Then, she heard a voice. A voice she hated.

"So, you have realized what has happened.It took you a long time." Saruman.

He was inside of her.

She then realized, she was his free ticket to the Fellowship.

He knew everything they were doing.

This was bad. Really bad.

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