Legolas and Antira- Chapter 27 (Once again...Surviving the Ringwraiths) - Will Legolas and Antira be torn apart by the One Ring?

Getting on their horses as fast as possible, they took off into the forest.

On and on they rode but the Ringwraiths kept following them.

They managed to gallop along side of them at some points but the Fellowship pushed their horses on.

The horses were beginning to slow after riding so far, in so short of time. Especially Legolas' horse.

"Legolas! Grab my hand!" Antira said as she rode up along side of him and extended her hand.

He tried to reach it but he couldn't. Finally, he grabbed it. Now trying to get him onto her horse (slowing down in the process), they kept going.

The Ringwraiths were catching up. She couldn't do anything. She felt so useless.

Their grasp on each others hand was beginning to loosen, when something wrapped around Antira's neck.

She was pulled from her horse and onto the ground. She held her conscience for just enough time to see Legolas jump onto her horse and turn around. She closed her eyes.

"Antira!" Legolas called after her as he turned the horse around.

Antira was now unconscience. The Ringwraiths were just rushing to her body when Legolas came galloping down the road and ran right through the pack (scaring them half to death in the process).

They finally left them alone and left. Legolas felt proud.

<> Legolas thought as he turned around to help Antira.

The Fellowship returned after a little while after they noticed that he wasn't with them.

Life seemed so peaceful that night as they rode to camp. Antira was still unconscience on her horse in front of him.

They rode for a long time to make sure that they were not following them when they found a very small opening in the forest hidden by many bushes and trees. They were safe and covered.

Legolas laid her down on the soft grass and never took his eyes off of her all night. Although she was breathing, he was still worried. He needed her to wake up for him to be completely sure that she was safe.

After a few hours of waiting by her side and hardly blinking, she awoke. She was slipping in and out of conscienceness.

Gandalf decided that they couldn't waste anymore time so they got on their horses.

Antira finally woke up and took control of her horse while Legolas slept.

She was finally happy again. Happy to have him back.

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