Legolas and Antira - Chapter 20 (The new found Stewart of Gondor)

As they rode through the country of Gondor, they met lots of people who were moving to different cities. They asked all of the people that they met if they had see him but only a handful said that they saw Faramir cross the river Isen on a midsummers eve. That didn't help much but they knew that now they were not wrong. He had gone looking for Lord Denethor.

As they rode into Rohan, they rode into a clearing that was taken over by orcs probably 2 days before they arrived. It was a camp site! They found dead men lying on the ground. Aragorn, Legolas and Antira went to examine the bodies then

" NO! These are Faramirs men! He was attacked!" Antira said very disturbed.

" But why would they camp in Rohan? Lord Denethor never goes to Rohan unless they are in battle and need assistance!" Aragorn exclaimed.

The whole Fellowship was looking confuse at this moment. If Lord Denethor never went to Rohan then

" He must be looking for something else. Not his father!" Legolas pointed out as they left the campsite to go on further.

" Listen, I will meet you all at the Golden Hall. Eomer and Eowen will come with me. I doubt that there is a war but if he took his men with him then there must be something going on." Antira told the Fellowship. " You must keep looking for any sign of Faramir. If I find him at the Golden Hall I will send one of his men back to fetch you. If you find no sign of him on the 5th day, then come to the Golden Hall and we will see to it that we find other people to look for him."

"We have no time to. We must get something to Mordor before it's too late." Frodo said looking at the ring around his neck and then Antira looked at Legolas.

He had the look that he didn't want to leave her again. She said this in the elvish language.

"Don't worry Legolas. I will be back. I will not be captured while I am the hand of Eomer! Don't worry yourself."

And with that she said her goodbyes and headed off on horseback with Eomer and Eowen at her side. She hid this from Legolas but she was too worried.

(What if they get attacked again like the last time!) She thought to herself.

They stopped in several villages as they rode through the country side. They hardly ate and slept during these days but it all payed off when they reached the Golden Hall in 1 day and ½ .

They didn't think that there was anything going on until they got inside. She, Eowen and Eomer walked in with out even knocking and now that everyone knew who she was, everybody in the Hall bowed as she walked by to the thrown where Lord Theoden was sitting. She bowed to him as he stood up.

" My Lord. Do you know where my brother Faramir is. I need to talk to him immediately. It is urgent." Antira said as she came out of her bow.

" A yes. Faramir. You are Antira am I not mistaken? ( Antira nodded ) Well, then we must take you to your brother immediately." Lord Theoden said.

They finally reached him within 5 minutes. He was out with his army ( They also bowed as she walked out to Faramir ).

" Faramir what are you doing here?" Antira asked sternly.

" Well, I am here because we must protect one of the villages that will get ambushed by orcs in a matter of time. What are you doing here?" Faramir asked impatiently.

Antira looking very offended said " I can come when I please. I have come to give you some news about your Father Lord Denethor. Faramir, he is dead!" She finished looking around at the army who was talking uncontrollably now.

" Everyone. SHHHH!" Faramir yelled to his army. " What do you mean dead? " Faramir asked.

" I mean dead. Gone. Amaia ( In elvish ). He is gone Faramir. You must take the thrown until I or Aragorn son of Arathorn comes to claim it!" Antira said. " But Faramir. I need one of your men to take a message to the Fellowship. You there...." Antira said pointing to one of the soldiers. " Take the horse of Faramir and tell them that I have found Faramir and to come immediately. Go now!" Antira finished leaving Faramir and his sad face behind her by his army.

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