Legolas and Antira - Chapter 18 (The saving of Saruman)

Antira was trying her hardest to help her father but it didn't seem to be working. She needed herbs. Finally, Pippin and Merry came over. They both started to talk at the same time.

" Oh! We are so glad you're all right my lady." said Merry

" I didn't think that you of all people would be that strong as to resist all these beatings!" Said Pippin.

" OH PLEASE! I need help. If you can go and get Master Samwise for me maybe we can save my father from certain death." she said in a soft voice.

But when she and the two hobbits looked up, they saw that the battle had already begun. They were fighting the Urk-hai and they needed Merry and Pippins help. They said that they couldn't help her right now and they were right! The Fellowship was getting badly beaten by the Urk-hai.

She began to tend to her father again. And when she looked up, the Urk-hai were trapping them in a circle they would die in if they tried to penetrate it's boundaries. They were now throwing out all their weapons to the ground outside the circle! They could not help themselves.

She looked back down at her father and she saw that his eyes were beginning to open.

"Go and help them. I am not important anymore. The fate of Middle-earth depends on you and the rest of your friends. Don't disappoint them Antira . You must help them." Lord Denethor said in a weak voice.

Antira began to cry and she shook her head.

" Go! "

He said again and she came to her senses and quickly got up, grabbed Legolas' bow and arrows and while the Fellowship had their eyes closed ready for death and Saruman's eyes were closed because he was laughing so hard, she began to shot madly with her bruised and cut hands. But she endured the pain.

And finally, when she took down Legolas' bow, the Fellowship opened their eyes and saw that the circle had been cleared. All the orcs were lying on the floor dead around them. Saruman finally opened his eyes thinking he would see 8 dead people but he saw them all standing there with their mouths hanging open looking at the dead orcs. He looked in amazement. Then he heard a voice in the left side of the circular room.

" Never leave an Elvin Princess unattended when her friends are in mortal danger. Remember that." Antira said as she began to throw back all the weapons to their rightful owners.

Finally she came across Gandalf `s staff. She slowly walked over to him with the staff in hand and handed it back to him.

" Antira, I don't know what we would of done if you were lying unconscious on the floor." Gandalf said with a smile on his face as he put one arm around her shoulder.

She smiled back. They all began to walk towards Saruman who was still sitting there in amazement . But as they walked toward Saruman, Gandalf pointed to her father. Legolas and Antira got the message and ran to him. He was still lying there with his eyes open.

"You did a very good job out there. I am very proud of you." Lord Denethor said to her.

" Thank you father." Antira said back.

"But, I don't think I have the strength to go on. You will have to leave me here to die. That way, Aragorn, son or Arathorn with take his place as King of Gondor. And you will have to do nothing but go back to Mirkwood and rule with Legolas there." He continued in a very low voice.

Antira had tears running down her cheeks. She did not want her father to die. But he did. His last words he said before he closed his cold eyes forever was

"Goodbye Antira. I will love you forever."

Finally, she got up and crossed the room and ran in front of Gandalf `s staff which was pointing right at Saruman's heart and said

"No Gandalf. There has been enough blood spilled here today and I do not wish to see more. You can't kill him. You are better than that."

And with that, they left the tower, Antira whistled for her horse Silvermane, retrieved her necklace from Legolas and they left on horse back.

But Antira now left with her heart in the right place. She did not want to see another drop of blood for as long as she lived. For now, other than Faramir, Legolas and the Fellowship, she was truly alone.

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