Legolas and Antira - Chapter 15 (The questions of the Fellowship)

As Legolas and the rest of the Fellowship left the spot where they were resting, he realized that the words that Antira told him before she left were resounding in his head everywhere he went and on occasions, he found himself muttering them under his breath.

Legolas just realized that he was muttering them under his breath

"Maybe Aragorn was right. Maybe it is attached to me. And maybe Antira has been.....been......beaten. Maybe that's why it want's to get back to her so fast. And maybe-"

"Legolas? Are you alright? You were muttering to yourself." He heard Gandalf say as he felt his hand land on his shoulder very gently.

As he came into focus on the real world around him, he realized that everyone had stopped walking and was looking at him with a look of confusion on their faces.

"Yes Gandalf. Im fine. But why do I keep muttering to myself? Why do I keep hearing her voice in my head?Why-

"Legolas, we all have questions in our minds right now. But the one that you must focus on is the one on when we get to the palace of Saruman, how are you going to get her out of here alive!? And as you now, everyone is worried. She could be dying at this very moment. Everyone knows that Saruman can kill when he wants and keep something alive when he wants. But right now, I think that he is going to keep her alive until we get there and then try and kill us all! That's how he is going to do it and we have to think about other things that are going on around us other than something that you dreamed long ago." Gandalf finished almost instantly before Legolas was going to interrupt him.

"But Gandalf! I didn't dream this long ago! I dreamt this right before she was captured and it was like she was expecting, no, knowing that that's what was going to happen to her!"

Legolas started to leave Gandalf's side when Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin came in front of him and started to speak at the same time in a very loud voice obviously trying to be heard over the other voices that arose in the woods (They were probably Ents).

"Please. One at a time. I wish to get a move on so make it fast." Gandalf said sternly."

"Well, to start it off," Merry said cheerfully, "we wish to say that we don't think that he will kill her and we also heard from the Ents a day ago that the Lord Denethor has gone missing and they are out looking for him. We think that he might have him too! So there is another reason why we must go and try to find her. Her father is in danger!" He finished and walked off with the rest of them as Legolas just looked at them as they walked thinking that they were all going to say the same thing.

"I think that they are right. Maybe they do have the Lord with them and I think that we had better stop for the night to try and think of a way to get her out of that castle. And If we cant then she will die so we better hurry up if we want a part of our Fellowship back. Because if we loose her, then you loose me too." Legolas said as he kept on walking. "We can stop in half and hours time. That is when it starts to get dark. So come. If we want to find a good spot to stay somewhere away front eh orcs......I think we better find a sanctuary before anything."

So the Fellowship ran to find their place to stay, Legolas thought to himself and made the stupidest vow he has every made (he never made a vow in his life).

He vowed to himself that he would not ever mutter to himself again because when he was with the Fellowship and taking to Gandalf about his muttering, he thought that it was a good thing that the sun was not out because he never in his life turned a brighter shade of red from embarrassment!

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