Keldorian Sisters - Part 2 Sister Wars

Part two
***** = Character Change
+++++ = Time Skip
*+*+*+*+*+ = Both

I awoke at dawn to the brilliant sunrise of the new day. I slid out of bed and saw that someone had left me a green and brown tunic I thanked the Valar for my luck and dressed quickly. I snuck over to Leleni's room; it was payback time for the dress.

She was thoroughly enjoying sleeping late and in a real bed. I crept over to her bed, hopped on it, and started jumping up and down, shaking it violently. She awoke with a start.
"Good morning, morning glory!" I yelled joyfully as I leaped off her bed.

"Ari!" She practically screamed and in a flurry of covers ran after me as I dashed into my room. I ran to the door and sprinted off down the hall laughing, Leleni hard on my heels. I rounded the bend to see Elrohir and Elladan coming down the hall. It was a narrow hall and with them walking side by side I could not get past. In a split second decision I screeched to a halt a mere three feet from crashing and put my hands out to the ground. I pushed off and flipped over the heads of the bewildered twins, hit the ground, and took off again. I heard the threat of my enraged sister: "You'll pay for that!" and I could not help but laugh more as I ran out into the glorious morning light.


Payback was the thought on my mind as I turned heel and stormed back to my room. Elladan and Elrohir were rooted to the spot in shock of what had just happened.
I lay on my bed, trying to return to sleep. After a while, I gave up. I stood and started to pace. What I wanted was simple enough: revenge. It was getting it that was the problem.

I finally sighed and flopped down on my bed, then heard a knock.

"Come in," I said, sitting up. It was Arwen.

"I though you might like to know that there is a banquet this evening. You and your sister are invited if you whish to attend," she said with a smile.

"That would be fantastic." A smile slowly spread its way across my face. Vengeance was mine.

* * * *

I wandered the gardens for a time, taking in the sunshine. I heard voices behind me and quickly turned to see Elrohir and Elladan coming towards me.

"Good morning," they greeted.

"And to you," I responded.

"What was your sister so angry about?" Elrohir asked.

"I just woke her up," I said with a smile.

"Oh," he said still confused.

We walked together a while until they left,
claiming to have business to attend to.


I had spent a carefree morning wandering the gardens and the halls and was just reaching my room. I had been planning on grabbing my bow and going out for practice when I was assaulted by an important looking lady who seemed to have been looking for me.

"Oh, there you are. I have been searching everywhere for you all morning." She grabbed my arm and dragged me down the nearest hall, while incessantly chatting away, "When I heard you needed help picking out dresses I could not help but offer my services. We will find you the perfect gown..." I stopped listening at the word `gown'. Only one thought crossed my mind: Leleni.


I was going on into the fifth hour of complete torture. The lady had somehow conjured up some assistants who insisted upon putting every dress they could find on me and pulling my hair into extravagant styles. I could do nothing but listen to their ceaseless chatter while they poked, prodded, and pinched me.

They forced me to spin around and show off, all the time chatting away, giving remarks on the new outfit, and exclaiming about how beautiful I looked. I tried to stop them but they would not listen. They seemed to enjoy dressing me up and finally decided on what dress I was to wear as well as how I should put up my hair.


I entered the hall at sundown. I would have run away if the ladies had not been half pushing, half dragging me there.

I looked like a complete idiot. I had on a pink dress, pink, of all colors it had to be PINK, and it had itchy sleeves. My hair was done in some odd fashion, all jumbled up in a pile on my head. I would have screamed if it were not for the solid wall of elves on all sides of me.
I stared around. My eyes met Lel's. This meant war.


I was shocked when Adriel entered. She was wearing a fabulous gown of a light rose hue, and it showed off her figure beautifully. Her sleeves were made of a lacy material that hung well on her. The dress ended in a small train and I could just make out pale pink slippers on her feet. Her hair was fantastic. It was woven into an intricate pattern on her head. It gave her a noble look.

Our eyes met. I smiled, but she looked livid.

People started to seat themselves at the tables. I quickly chose a seat next to Arwen, carefully placing myself far from Adriel. I glanced around to see a hobbit down the table. I did a slight double take at this. I knew much of hobbits, for Ari and I had traveled through the Shire on our way to Rivendell, but I never knew them to travel so far. I looked around and saw three more hobbits on a table to the side. I turned to ask Arwen of this and she told me of Glorfindel's escapade and how she had met him halfway and taken Frodo, the hobbit, the rest of the way to Rivendell. Once the feast had ended, Elrond rose, as did Arwen. They led everyone into the Hall of Fire, where there was much music and merriment. I noticed that all the hobbits gathered. I saw a dark man enter and cross over to them. A while later the older hobbit whom had joined them started to sing. After his song was through they began to rise and leave. The man, however, crossed to Arwen and they began to converse. Just then, I turned as I heard Adriel start to sing. Her voice was clear and crisp in beautiful melody.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel,

Silivren penna míriel

O menel aglar elenath!

Na-chaered palan- díriel

O galadhremmin ennorath,

Fanuilos, le linnathon

nef aear, sí nef aearon

I saw the hobbits exit, and then turned back to Adriel. Everyone was staring at her. Her voice suddenly faltered mid-note as she glanced up. I saw overwhelming sadness in her eyes.

She then muttered ,"I can't, I'm sorry." Her voice was barely audible, and then she quickly left without looking back.

"Why did I do that?" I said out loud, once I was outside near a tree grove not far from the Hall of Fire. I had only sung because Elladan and Elrohir had begged me to. I thought I could just refuse but something made me do it. I heard a small rustle in a nearby bush. Without even turning I said, "Goodbye, Daeron." He had been following since I left the hall. With that I turned and went back inside.

I reached my room and gladly changed from the horrid pink dress into my favorite tunic. I then vaulted the balcony, as I had the night before, and went to a nearby clearing surrounded by trees to think.

I knew why it had hurt to sing so much. I had sung that song before, again only on request, but it had been for him.

"Calagin is gone," I said to the trees, "and he isn't coming back." I felt like crying. I wanted to throw myself on the ground and beat it with my fists. I wanted to scream his name until he would come back or cry until I could no longer. I just couldn't.

I thought it over in my head. `I loved him. Why didn't I die? Is not that what elves do when their true love is lost?' A part of me worried that I had not truly loved him. In my head, however, a voice said `You know why. It is because your sister needed you and you needed her. You must be strong."

After a long while of internal struggle, I pulled myself together. I needed something else to do. Something to take my mind off the past.

I wandered through the trees. I soon found what I needed and drew out a small wooden box I had carved. I coaxed the "thing" into it and slid on the lid. I returned to my room. Retribution would have to wait until the morrow.


I awoke early. Everyone else was still retired due to the long night. I slunk into Lel's room and took the "thing" out of its box and carefully placed it in Leleni's hood. With an evil grin I went back into my room, very content.


I woke in the late morning, the sun was already quite high. I saw a note on my dresser from Ari. It said:

I have gone out for a walk with Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen. Join us later.

I changed, and grabbed my cloak from the chest. I quickly threw it around my shoulders and headed out.

I found them quickly, and we walked for a time around Rivendell. Arwen led us to her favorite waterfall. We laughed and joked about this and that. As it started to rain lightly, I pulled up the hood of my cloak. I felt something move on my head. I froze. I saw a long hairy leg poke out of the hood. I screamed and threw the hood off my head. It was a huge hairy spider. I was still screaming as I whacked the thing off my head and ran. When I reached my room I started ranting and yelling at my walls. After my hysterics had subsided, I realized that there was only one way the spider could have gotten there: Ari.


When Lel came towards us, I saw that she was wearing her cloak, perfect. My revenge came when she put up her hood as it started to rain. Her face was priceless, frozen in terror. After she took off, I could contain myself no longer. I burst into laughter. Arwen, Elrohir, and Elladan just stared. I picked up the spider that Leleni had thrown. It was large but perfectly harmless. As it crawled up my arm, I realized it wasn't even that big. It was only about the size of a child's fist. Without a word to the twins or Arwen, I headed back to where I had found the spider. I thought it looked cute, staring up at me with eight little round eyes. I gave it a last little pat, then I jumped down from the tree.

I walked back to my room, quite pleased with myself. I undressed, throwing my cloak and tunic on the bed, put on a robe, and went to take a bath.


I heard Ari enter her room. Just as I was about to cross over and yell at her, I heard the door close again. I opened the small one at the side of my room and poked my head through. She had probably gone for a bath, because her clothes were out on the bed. I saw her cloak there. I remembered the time Calagin had given it to her; she hasn't worn any other ever since then. She absolutely loved it. I crossed over, grabbed it from off the bed, and returned to my room.


When I returned from my bath, a while later, I felt clean and refreshed. I had finally managed to get my mess of hair out of the pile. As soon as I stepped through the threshold of my room, however, I knew something was wrong. I almost felt it in the air about me. I glanced around and saw what was wrong. My cloak was gone! I rushed forward and checked the bed. I started frantically searching the bed, throwing off the covers. After that, I turned to the wardrobe, then the desk. I searched everywhere for what felt like a thousand times, at least. I finally sighed heavily and sat down on my bed. At the smallest noise, I turned to see Leleni standing in the small doorway. She was smiling.

My shock lasted mere seconds, but then in a flash I was running towards her. She took off, but I was faster. I soon caught up with her before she even reached the door. In moments her struggle was over. I had her pinned tightly to the floor, unable to move. My eyes flashed dangerously.

"Where is it?" I asked in a menacing low voice.


I knew Ari would get mad, but I never thought she would get this mad. I was pinned to the floor. Her eyes flashed again. Her wet hair was still dripping.

"I will show you." I managed to struggle out. She released me instantly, but I felt like a prisoner who had just tried to escape and was under close watch.

I took her to the storage closet where all the extra bedding was stored. It was a place she never would have thought to look. I started toward the place I had hid it, in a corner under some blankets. I shifted the pile, but it wasn't there. I started to move more piles, but it wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"I... I can't find it," I stuttered. Ari crossed and began to dig with me.

After a while I stood and said: "It really is gone."

"Why did you hid it in the first place?" Adriel started to yell angrily.

"You deserved it for that spider trick!" I shot back, my voice raising.

"I only did that because of that stupid pink dress!"

"That was for waking me up at the crack of dawn!"

"I did that because you laughed at me at dinner the other night!" She finished.

We were both screaming and fuming with anger. Adriel grabbed the nearest item, a pillow, and launched it at me. It hit me in the head. I grabbed another pillow and chucked it at her. So it continued, the pillow feud. Until someone else entered.

"What is going on here?!" Elrohir called from the doorway. I turned and threw a pillow at him. He ducked but it hit Elladan, who was standing behind him. Elladan grabbed the pillow and whapped Elrohir with it. The pillow fight raged on. The air was thick with flying pillows and floating feathers. Elladan spotted something on the floor and picked it up.

"What's that?" Elrohir inquired, dodging a pillow from Ari.
"It looks like a cloak," he responded, looking puzzled.
"My cloak!" Adriel called running over and snatching it from him. She then picked up a pillow, sprinted over to me, and started whacking my head with it. I put up my pillow in defense. Suddenly a voice rang out:

"What is going on here?" it was Arwen standing hands on hips by the door. We all froze. She looked angry, and I was amazed at her control, because she also looked like she was about to laugh. While she started berating her brothers, Ari snuck up behind her and gave her a whap with the pillow she was holding. She quickly placed the pillow into Arwen's hands. Arwen turned shocked and automatically whacked Adriel with the pillow. Ari laughed and ran back over to me, as Elladan and Elrohir began attacking their sister with pillows.

"Truce?" she asked holding out a hand.

"Truce," I answered taking her hand.

"Let's go," she said, and together we charged the children of Rivendell.


Elrond was coming down the hall at the sound of laughter and shouts. We had finally called off the pillow war and were walking back to change for supper. Elrond froze at the sight of us.

"What happened?" he asked.
I took a look at our group, clothes and hair covered in feathers and burst into laughter, as they did. Adriel responded for us:

"Oh. Just searching for a lost cloak." At this I doubled up with laughter. Ari smiled a knowing smile and together we walked back to our rooms, leaving Arwen, Elladan, and Elrohir to explain the mess to their father.

Authors Notes

1) I am co-writing this with leleni_felende.

2) I realize not much plot wise happened in this part. I promise that I will pick it up in part 3.

3) For the most part this follows the movie if we don't like that we follow the book and if we don't like that we make it up.

4) I am going on vacation soon so it will be a while for part 3. I will try to get 3, 4, and 5 out faster though.

5) I am not Tolkien mainly because I am not dead and I love giving my girls action scenes. There for I do not own any of his places, characters creatures, etc. You get the idea.

6) I realize that Elladan and Elrohir are not in Rivendell at this part of the book, but I think they are cool so please don't give me grief.

7) Just to forewarn you, this does have a little love story in it. I am pretty bad at writing that type of thing though so it is rather small. Altogether there are probably more action scenes than love scenes.

Well thanks for reading you're a great audience.


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