Keeper of Realities - Part 10 - On through foreign lands, and places of fairy tale, where all is simple and all is fine, and nothing ever could go wrong, one travels forever, searching for another, to put back. Innocent may meet both, and lead them on th

Keeper of Realities - Part 10
On through foreign lands, and places of fairy tale, where all is simple and all is fine, and nothing ever could go wrong, one travels forever, searching for another, to put back. Innocent may meet both, and lead them on their way, but many centuries shall pass before return, they may.

IMPORTANT Recap: The Fellowship `popped' out of Hogwarts, and back to their own land. The New Zealand Quidditch team returned to play, though without their seeker. We go on . . .


"Well, that's done with," stated Qualara calmly, watching as the reality of Middle-earth closed itself and returned to normal, the presence of its intruders already forgotten to all of the natural inhabitants, and, indeed, the land itself. She rubbed her hands together, then turned away from the reality, perhaps a little sadly. Yes, it had been - well, not fun. Qualara could barely remember the meaning of that word, for she had not felt it in such a long time. But perhaps it could help in more ways than just education.

But probably not.

Middle-earth seemed to recover well, and perhaps, in time, it could even adopt a few travelers from other worlds, those who naturalized well. It would not be yet - perhaps not for hundreds of years. But Time runs in strange ways, and when the pilgrims landed was of no consequence to It.

In any case, in the infinite worlds, realities and possibilities, Qualara had a new job quite unlike any previous: a `simple' `boy' called `Tobias.'

Or at least that's what he would have seemed, had any but she noticed his presence.

It was no mistake that the Elite had interfered with time, space, magic and canon laws to free this soul, stuck in New Zealand. Nor was it a mystery where he was now: running. Tobias ran throughout the realities trying to escape the Qua. There was no where he could not go.

No place save one: Middle-earth; the only continuum he wished to spend the rest of all eternity in. For he knew that she had that place blocked, waiting, watching for him.

Everywhere Tobias now went, as he somehow crossed through worlds, destabilized the canon and caused havoc. He was a strange creature, descended from the Elite in an odd and complicated lineage, giving him strange powers - ones that had not awakened until he had left his home world - that of Harry Potter.

He didn't mean to -

Tobias had to stay - he couldn't let the Qua get a hold of him, it was true - but every part of him, every fibre of his being cried out to not let him leave Middle-earth. But the boy, if only a boy he was, knew and loved that world so greatly, he knew he had to leave, for the good of its people. Not crying, and without uttering a word of goodbye, Tobias ran from the place forever. Everything was too unstable while he was there, and the Qua was on his tail. She did not understand him, or anything else, or so he thought. So Tobias would never stay in a single place again.


Frodo went on with his Quest in the normal way, and he alone of the Fellowship remembered that there was something more. Yet he dismissed it as only one of the vices of his memory of the Ring, and did not dwell on what truly was.

Sometimes, though, when the feeling was particularly strong, and he looked for proof in it, Frodo would remove from his pocket a small golden ball with fluttering wings. No one knew about it - not even Sam - but Frodo found comfort in knowing that what Gandalf had said was more factual than even the wizard had guessed: there were powers out there, and they were not all for evil.

Sam, too, had brought something back - a thing which none of them ever guessed had more meaning than the obvious. Even if it was rather fancy for sweeping the floors with.

Each member of the Fellowship gained something - even if, as in Merry's case, it was something as simple as a confidence in high places. Yet times were changed, and a rift would occur in Middle-earth, and it would split into two realities. Just one more for the Keeper to take care of.

And then it was all wrapped up - except for Frodo's strange dreams of odd places like "Discworld," and "Hogwarts," and "The Enterprise." But that was all fantasy and myth. There was no way he would ever get there . . . and especially not through the strange boy who always called Frodo in his dreams, begging him for help . . .

The End? Hmm, and interesting thought. But then, after all: The Road goes ever on and on . . .

Author's Notes:

Well, that was fun. No, actually it wasn't: I hated every second of it, killed most of my plans, and wished more than anything for it just to be done. Some stories were just not meant to be. Yet I hope ye, the readers, enjoyed it. Because it took a darn load of work to pump out . . .

Yes, I know this part was short.

Oh, and I disclaim everything that isn't mine. Obviously.

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AND EVERYONE -- please keep an eye out for The Larry of the Rings, a Veggie Tales/ TLOTR story by Lily Took, Ainariel, and myself!

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