Kate and Haldir - Part Two-A Midnight Rondevous

Everyone at once turned and eyed the fair stranger. She wanted to turn and run away had it not been for Haldir who had a firm grip upon her arm to ensure her presence there. Haldir explained her story briefly. A murmur rippled through the elves seated there as they wondered if this could truly be Nimrodel. A place was set for her at once in between Orophin and Rumil and across from Haldir. She was asked many questions during the feast all of which she could not answer. Everyone had asked her real name to which she did not know. She could not answer questions of her kin, her home, her past. Then it was time for the after dinner dancing to begin. She did not know that it had grown so dark so soon. As the tent flaps were open to reveal the platform where couples began to dance, Nimrodel could see silver lamps lit throughout the trees showing the beauty of Lorien. She felt content as a warm glow coarsed through her. She listened to the music, and everything faded away as she looked up at the stars. That is until Orophin offered his hand to her.

"Would my lady do me the honor of a dance?" Orophin asked.

Haldir looked across the table wondering if he should suddenly cut in and steal her away from his brother as he did with so many other girls. But something about her was different. Courtesy stayed him as he watched his brother lead the girl away from the table. Orophin took her by the waist and wrapped his hand in hers. She often looked at her feet to ensure she was dancing properly, but she was glad that Orophin was leading.

"Do you plan to remain in fair Lorien?" he asked her.

"I would enjoy it very much. Lorien is beautiful."

Nimrodel was about to speak when another figure approached them. Orophin stepped away and made a slight bow to his brother. Haldir took her hand in his and drew her closer as the music continued to play. He did not speak to Nimrodel but simply stared at her as if she was an untouchable star. As Haldir drew closer and closer and continued dancing, she grew uncomfortable. Without warning, she stopped.

"I apologize. I must have two left feet."

Nimrodel left the company of the tent. She did not know that Hamond, Haldir's father, had followed her.

"Greetings," he said to her.

"Oh," she said a little startled. "I did not hear you."

Hamond offered Nimrodel his arm, and she took it.

"Where do you come from, child?" he asked.

"I can not tell."

"Are you to go to the Sea?"

"Your sons have told me of Valinor. I do wish to go there. It is a beautiful place."

"Haldir's place is in Middle Earth. As long as Lorien exists, he shall stay. His heart can not leave here. I know that full well."

"Lorien is beautiful."

"But so are you." She blushed slightly. "I have seen the way my son has looked at you. I fear for him."

"What do you mean?"

"He needs someone to stay by his side. You are not one of our kind. I will not give my blessing so easily."

"I don't think you have to worry. I am not so naïve to think that we could have a future together if anything should happen between us. And I doubt anything will happen between us."

"I am glad. See that it does not. I will not see my son's heart broken. I lost my wife far sooner than I should have and it is a pain and grief I carry with me always. I will not see him endure the same fate."

"I am not sure I understand completely."

"Well Haldir understands not at all. There is only one for him. One who can receive my blessing. He must learn that as well as you."

"I am a quick learner."

"Good. I do not carry any ill will against you, Nimrodel. But I do not wish Haldir to undertake the same fate as I. Show him he means little to you no matter what he believes and let him go. Goodnight."

Nimrodel wondered what he meant by that. There was something happening she did not know of. She knew from the talk of Galadriel that the Lady of the Wood could have told her. She looked up at the sky. Though the canopy of trees were thick, she could still see the stars. Haldir came from behind her and took her hand.

"I want to show you something. Come."

He started to ascend the stairs. But when she did not follow, he looked back.

"Come come," he said grinning. "Do not be shy."

The girl followed. He continued past the very top chamber. He turned right when they had reached the top stair. It ended a few feet away. A small balcony rested near him. He leaned against it staring into the sky. She could see the stars perfectly now. They were so high up that she could not see the ground simply the many silver lights of the houses. The stars shined beautifully above them reflecting the light in her turquoise eyes. He took her hand and brought it to his lips. He inched toward her face, but she turned away.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"You are trying to seduce me."

"Trying? Tis perfectly simple for me to do."

She frowned, but he grinned. Now she knew why Rumil and Orophin had called him the most arrogant elf in Middle Earth even more than a certain one named Legolas.

"Now I know why Rumil called you arrogant."

"Aye, tis very true. I know it well."

"I suppose there has never been a girl you haven't seduced or brought up here."

"Actually you are the first I have brought up here."

"Hmmm. Well it is beautiful up here."

"Aye," he said brushing a hand across her bare shoulder.

She turned. He smiled and twinkled his blue eyes. There were a million reasons why she shouldn't turn to his promptings. But when she looked into his eyes, not one of them existed. He took her hand in his. Unexpectedly, he pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. She resisted and struck him on the face remembering his father's words.

"What did I do?" he asked.

"You've insulted me."

He grinned and released her knowing that it was not time to put on an act.

"Why do you turn away?"

"You do not know me, Lorien lord. I do not know you."

"We can have a chance to know each other very well. The night is young."

"No no! I am not like that. And that is not-"

"How do you know? You do not even know who you are."

She turned and fled down the stairs ignoring the fact that he was pursuing her. As she was about to enter her room, he caught her and grabbed her by the arm.

"Unhand me!" she said reaching up to strike him.

He caught her wrist.

"It will not work on me Lorien lord. Leave me alone! I can't!"

"You can not deny that I turn you on, Nimrodel."

She wondered if he could get any more arrogant. With one swift move, she slammed her fist into his ribs. She closed the door of her room behind her and locked it allowing him to share his pain alone. He smiled. No girl had ever struck him before. No girl had ever acted the way she did except for one. Nimrodel felt herself equal to him. She would not give in, and he enjoyed her stubbornness. The only other girl who had not given into him was Elenya. But she was gone as was Legolas. Elenya had said that he would find love again and not so different from she. Was this true? He grinned thinking of Nimrodel. He would very much like to know her more, but this night was not the time.



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