Iqirie:part two - Part Two of the Ordinary Elf's tale

Kyr stared at the back of Estel's head absently. Almost immediately as if he knew she was watching him, he turned, alert. She caught his eye and stared. He turned away, almost ashamedly. she wondered why looking at her was suddenly a crime. Using the powers that she had inherited, she sent a message into his mind
-Estel, are you scared of me?
he answered her, in thought-speak
-No.But i fear what Arwen will say.
Kyr was shocked. she and Ar were friends, why would she turn on Kyr like this?
-You don't understand
she said
-Arwen and I have been friends for years-thousands of years
he said, resolutely
-I think that freindship will end soon
she aksed
-Arwen and I are betrothed
Kyr gasped
-Well, not yet
he mentally amended
-But soon, and she doesn't think that you approved, so , i guess it's over for all of us. I'm sorry, Kyr. I think she is bieng harsher on a good friend like you than you deserve, but there is nothing I can do.
Kyr felt herself begin to cry
-I think
Estel added
-That you would be better suited with my freind Jerian anyway, so it is all for the best

that was it. Kyr walked up and left the meeting, unaware that the rest of the room was staring at her and Estel and Arwen were calling her. they could get married for all she cared. She didn't need them. But she needed him. And she knew it.

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