If I [i]really[/i] went to Middle Earth. - Prologue: In which the Writer me is struck with inspiration, and the wriing begins

Disclaimer: I make some jokes about fan girls and mary sues in here. Please don't get mad; one of my fave RR stories is a very Mary-Sueish tale. (Hehe Lalaith) Heck, I even started writing a very Mary-Sue sounding story. Also, I have changed my name. "Allysandra" is actually a close friend's name. [immaturity] I'm not gonna tell you my real name. Haha! You can't make me! [/immaturity]


It's every (I think, at least. Don't sue me if it isn't your dream) LOTR fan's dream: To join the Fellowship on their quest to Mordor. Since the creation of the movies, that wish has intensified, especially in the hearts of the local female population, who, at the unveiling of Orlando Bloom, decided that maybe fantasy wasn't so bad after all, and thus began the Great Fan girl Movement, in which the amount of screenames with "Legolas", "Orli" and "Greenleaf" in them greatly increased. But I won't get into all that now.

One night, I was lying in bed, thinking about Mary Sues. Now, Mary Sues are very bad things to think about at night, because a lot of them are so awful, so perfect it drives most normal women insane, and also causes one to be so cross, you can't sleep.

They all (with a few exceptions) followed the same plot line:

-Girl falls into Middle Earth, usually Rivendell
-Girl some how gets into Council,
-Girl goes with Fellowship
-(Usually on this site) A very Coralie-like plot appears, complete with the list of things that are in their backpack , which is infinitely huge.
-Legolas falls in love with this *grrr* "perfect" girl......

I'm sorry. I can't go on. Otherwise I might hurt something with frustration.

Aaanyways, as I was saying, I was thinking about Mary Sues, and how improbable and frustrating they are. As I was contemplating the demise of a certain Mary-Sue on fanfiction.net, I thought of something: What if the authors of these stories really went to Middle Earth? What if, for that matter, anyone really went to Middle Earth? I mean, think about this: What would you do if, suddenly, you were in ME? What would the characters really do if a girl showed up in Rivendell, speaking a language slightly similar to Rohirric, and claimed that she was from another world? Hm. My muse began to pinch me, hard. I rushed to the computer, struck with this idea, and began to write..........

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