I Am The Wanderer - Introduction

This is the introduction to my series of stories. This is my very first time I've entered a story in the reading room so if the title is a little weird I'll figure it out but please enjoy my intro none the less! (I'm sorry the intro's short but the next part will be longer)

She silently moved from tree trunk to tree trunk without being seen or heard as she gazed at the group of people who were about to enter the woods that lay before Lothlorien.Two men, An elf, A dwarf, and four hobbits. An odd group of companions yet she knew who they were and why they traveled to Lothlorien.She studied them all but she found one more interesting then all the others for some reason. An idea came to her and an evil grin broke across her face. She got her cloak from lothlorien and put it on. She was highly interested in this group and although she knew a lot about this group of companions she had a few questions she wanted to ask them. as she silently climbed up the tree nearest to her there was only one thing on her mind," I wonder...."

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