Hope Yet Hidden - The story of an elf who, in discovering her past, also discovers herself.

Note: If any of you comment on my story (please do!), could you tell me if I was too quick on the points of this chapter? That's my weak point in writing, just to tell you. Also, the horse and the main character have a sorta telechinesis thing goin' on (it's rather confusing, and I couldn't think of how to introduce that point-that's why you can hear the horse talk).[I/]

Elenath whinnied and nudged Esteldolen's shoulder. "Hasten! So much is to be done, you do not have time for this child's play," the horse spoke in Esteldolen's mind.
"Im tul si, Elenath!" [ I]I come now, Elenath![I/] Estel murmured softly. And, as an afterthought, "This is NOT child's play."
"An'on nin, mellon." Forgive me, friend.[I/] The horse humbled herself, and placed her great on Estel's shoulder. Elenath(Star-Shadow) was a magnificent beast, white as a white-hot sun, silver as a waning moon, and as silent, swift, and fickle as the summer winds. In appearance, she was a direct contrast to Estel- dark chestnut hair framed eyes much wiser than her figure would have suggested. Beneath her breeches and tunic was a lean body, and an even tougher heart.
Estel did a few more quick jabs, turns, and thrusts with her sword and slid it back into its scabbard.
"Ring-Gurth," she smiled grimly to the sword, "Cold death- let us hope that someday you will live up to the name bestowed upon you." The sword glittered back an answer of reasurrance to her. For a breif moment, Estel was a statue, framed against the wind, lost in thought.
"Nai met kel, si?" Elenath gently prodded. Estel laughed softly and swung up onto Elenath.
"Arrows." Estel muttered to herself as the two trotted twoard the Rohan gates, "Bring ARROWS next time."
* * *

Once inside the gates, Estel looked around her and sighed. The faces in Rohan were gray and dull, along with the buildings that housed them.
"Iaran an vanwa," The king is lost.[I/] Estel almost wept in grief for the falling kingdom.
"Vinya galad-uva tul." New light will come.[I/]Elenath's thoughts echoed within Estel's mind, though she refused to listen. Angry tears filled her eyes as she remembered the king's fall. She set off at a gallop for the stables.
* * *
When at last she reached the small wooden house she knew as her home, she recalled in her mind the promise she had made to a friend (her only friend, if she did not include her guardian or horse), understanding the inportance of the promise. "Orenur?" Estel called softly to her mother, or the closest thing to a mother she had ever had or remembered, into the darkness. No reply. She suddenly felt guilty for staying out so late, but at the same time a quiet smile crept into her heart. Now is the time to meet her.[I/] Estel thought. If ever there was a time, it is now.[I/] Silently, she tiptoed into the small front room. After taking her cloak from its usual position, Estel slipped out, closing the door with a creak.
* * *

In the dead of the night is not when one usually hears a lark, or any bird for that matter, but one can guess there are exceptions. This was such a night. First one bird-whistle, then another, and two cloaked figures slid down an alleyway.
"Auta i lome!" The night is passing![I/] The first silent sillouette spoke out in barely more than a whisper, and removed the hood of the cloak. The being's golden eyes glittered through chestnut hair, elven ears now freely showing. Esteldolen.

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