Home in Imladris - Prolouge

Avari pulled out the map again. It had nothing to do with the woods she now stood in, but it was important to the spell. All she wanted was to go alone, but her friends were near by, trying to figure out what she was doing with the poster and the torn up book she'd insisted on bringing. It held what she needed.

Setting the poster/map infront of her, Avari grabed four stones to holed it open and began to chant in words that the others barely ever heard come from her, but from nobody else.

"Asken eshada trieneva nevarin caret setemiou..."

Her hand fell on the main mountain chain depicted on the map. A rectangle simbolized Rivendell.

"E savana shetin Imladris!"

The woods remained the same, sort of. The trash around them turned into stone, hills, other little plants, and even dissapeared altogether.

"What in the world?" Kyrie asked. The girl pointed away infront of her. Where houses were once just visable through the trees, now stood a city and a whole mountain.

Avari's other friends began to back away from her as well, she was changing. Her T-shirt and shorts became a royal looking dress of hundreds of years befor, her hair grew out and became blond, the scar on her face vanished, her green eyes went grey.

Gaurds apeared around them, mostly dark of hair and eyes. They held long handled swords. The leader, a blond, gasped.

"My Lady?" he said, lowering his sword.

"Yes, Glorofindel... I am home again." Avari said.

"Umm...Who are these guys and who exactly are you?" Keef asked, baffled and shaking.

"I told you to keep away from me for a little while I relearned the area of woods I was going to show you." Avari scolded. "I didn't want this to happen, but now I must show you to my lord."

"Your what?" Kyrie asked.

"Lady Celebrian? Where have these children come from?" asked Glorofindel.

"I will explain later when they have been returned to their home." she answered.

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