Home in Imladris - Part 1 - The Harsh Truth.

"They are sent back, milady." a servant said to Celebrian.

"Thank you, Indell." she said, and rose from her seat and crossed to the window.

The river rushed down the falls and spilled into the long lake before leaving the vally. The new sun climbed the sky and shed it's golden light on the Autumn colored trees. A sigh escaped her as a pair of doves flew off together from the tree nearist her window.

The servant took his leave as the twin sons of Elrond rushed inside. Elladan and Elrohir starteld their mother, but did not apologize. She had returned from Valinor! Their mother was home again!

Celebrian wraped her arms around her sons, her tears mixed with theirs as she kissed their cheeks. "My babies... My sons..." she whispered. Then she looked around them and asked, "Where is your sister and father?"

The twins became silent and still. Their faces grew solomn and heavy.

"Father is speaking with Mithrandir." Elrohir said. "Sister is away in Arnor."


"She is queen of Gondor and Arnor now. The king is the last heir of Isildur. Father had taken him in as his own when king Arathorn died in battle. Nothing could tear Arwen from him but force or death, and if this were to happen..."

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