Here and...MIDDLE EARTH - ch 1 part 1

"Indian this is Cherokee, where can I land, over."
"20 miles due south," said Indiana (his real name is Charlie). "Having problems?"
No answer.
"Engine out, I have to ditch the chopper over the Amazon. Wish me luck, over."
"Gook luck Erika." Erika jumped out with the Para shoot. She deplored the shoot and floated toward the tress of the rainforest. She was still falling too fast her shoulder hit a branch and her head hit another. Her shoot opened correctly and she floated down, then had her shoot caught in the tree releasing her and she hit the ground.
Middle Earth
"Aragorn, over here," said Legolas.
"Who is she?" said Gimmli poking her with a stick.
"Gimli, she is injured enough," Aragorn laughed, "Lets fix that that arm and leg. Wonder where she came from."
"Maybe she can tell us, she is beginning to awaken," said Legolas.
"Oh my head," said Erika as she looked around. "Don't think I'm in the Amazon anymore," spotting the fellowship. She shifted slightly, "Where am I?"
"We are near Bruinen 'Loud Water'. Who are you?"
"Erika, friends call me Cherokee."
"As in the Indian," said Gandalf.
"Ya, half and half," she smirked.
"You took a pretty bad fall. We healed your leg and your arm is probably sore," said Aragorn.
There was a snap in the woods.
"You hear that?" said Erika.
"Yes, and I don't like it," said Frodo. Soon everyone was dense. Erika crouched by Aragorn.
"Die fools!" yelled an orc slashing wildly. It was soon joined by others.
"Crud," said Erika. She had no weapons.
"Here," said Legolas handing her a sword, "fight well."
"Oh goodie!"
She had killed ten orcs when she looked behind her to see Aragorn get slashed above the abdomen.
"Aragorn!" yelled Legolas. Another orc was about to kill Aragorn when Erika blocked the sword and killed the orc.
"Aragorn, are you alright?"
"My," he coughed, putting his hands over the wound.
"Let me see," she said. "Ow." It was an ugly would. She put her hand to the wound and the slash started to shine. "That should do."
"It is healed! How?" asked Aragorn.
"No time, look out!" she called to Legolas.
Soon the battle was over.
"How did you heal Aragorn?" asked Gandalf. "That can be useful."
"Most people think it's...weird."
"Well, a lot of people here have different powers," said Gandalf.
"I used to be much better. A few years ago you wouldn't even have a scar, but I haven't tried to heal for sometime."
"You did well, can you do anything else?" asked Gandalf.
"Talk to animals, a little," she said. "Where are you heading?"
"Rivendell, do you wish to travel with us?" asked Gandalf.
"Since I have no idea how to get home, sure."
"But for now, we rest," said Legolas seeing Erika's eyes drooping.
She laid back down, "A short nap, just a short one," she thought.

1 Day Later.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"She was tired," said Legolas from his horse.
"Healing to one so young can be tiring," said Gandalf. Gimli was still wary of Erika.
"Legolas," said Aragorn, "let me carry her for now." Legolas handed her to Aragorn.
"Her clothes are not from here," said Gimmli looking at her air force jacket and blue jeans. "I don't trust her."
"You don't trust anyone, she is of no harm," said Legolas.
" long have I been asleep?" She blushed at the site of Aragorn holding her.
"A day," said Gimmli.
"Oh...You can put me down ya know?" she said to Aragorn. He laughed and let her down on her feet.
"We are here," said Gandalf spreading his arms wide.
"Beautiful," said Erika.
"Yet it is," said Legolas.
"Come, we must speak with Elrond," said Gandalf walking down the hall.
"Aragorn!" yelled Arwen flinging her arms around Aragorn's neck.
"Arwen, love!" Aragorn laughed.
"Arwen, this is Erika," interrupted Legolas.
"Oh, hello."
"Hi, nice to meet you," Erika said, bowing slightly.

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