Healed - Part Six

"Why would he want to take over Legolas?" Earwen asked Elrond as he helped her sit up to eat.

"Who am I to say?" he returned. "All I know is what Narfea said, and that is what I have told you."

Sam walked allong the hallway, thinking to himself about some little thing he'd just been speaking with Bilbo about when he cought that bit of conversation between the two. Deciding that he might as well peek in and see who the new voice was, Sam turned off his way to the kitchen to have a chat.

"What's this you're talkin' about?" he asked casually.
"Somethin' to do with someone tryin' to take over Legolas?"

"Samwise." Elrond gave him a harsh look. "Have you forgotten what hoppened to you the time you decided to eavesdrop on Gandalf and Frodo, or are you simply looking for more trouble in the affairs of elves and wizards?"

"Well, that sounded important. This just cought my interest."


"And who might this lovely lady be?" Sam turned to Earwen, trying to avert Elrond's anger.

"This is Earwen, my sister." he said. "And this is Samwise Gamgee of the Shire." he turned to her.


Gandalf sat with Galadriel. They'd been talking for several hours now about the problem of Melko. Now they sat in silence, contemplating the possibilities silently.

"What could be done if he gives up on Legolas and goes after the child that my daughter caries?" Galadriel asked at long last.

"You would be out of a grandchild, I'm afrade." Gandalf said gravely. It's the only way to place him back into the detection of the other Valar." He laied a hand on hers, "I am sorry, my friend."

Galadriel sighed. "And if he succeeds in taking Legolas?"

"I will be forced to retake my true form in order to rally the other Valar againced him. An unborne child is one thing, a full grown elf is another. The end result could also kill Legolas."

"Ai Iluvatar!" she swore under her breath. Hiding her face in her hands, Galadriel cursed her uncle's choices, and the oath that she took sending her into exile along with the other Noldor. "Is this his vengence upon the Noldor?"

"Perhaps." he lifted her chin. "But do not forget that there is more than one way to send him back to the void, a way that dose not end in death if Earendil will agree."


Stupid, fat hobbit! Sam remembered how Smeagol/Gollum had said that time and time again in refference to him. Perhaps it was true. He knew that the fat part was true, what self respecting hobbit didn't have a few extra pounds on him? The stupid part, now that was another story. Perhaps it was his stupidity about his own curiosity that got him into so much trouble.

Stupid, fat hobbit. True! he thought as he ran allong the coast line to the white tower. Galadriel had sent him there with a message for a woman by the name of Elwing.

She must have know that he'd been eavesdropping on Elrond and his sister. Otherwise, he wouldn't be looking at that tower as if it had unsleeping eyes in it, and not a noblewoman awating the return of her husband.

Oh, these elves and wizards knew how to make him pay for that little quirk of his!

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