Healed - Part 3: Family Matters

Earwen opened her eyes, barely able to see thoes standing near her. No... No only one sat near her. She felt a bit uncomfortable, not recognizing him, but the smile that came to his lips eased that unnerving fealing a bit.

"It has been long, Earwen." he said. "I don't think that I've seen you since we were releaced from the captivity of the sons of Feanor that I have seen you."

"Sons of Feanor?" She echoed blankly, barely recalling those years. "I have put most of that time behind me, and I do not remember them."

The elf frowned slightly in dissapointment. "Yes, I do understand. Elros and I also chose to forget most of what happened there."

"Elros?" her eyes lit up. "Elrond?"


"In front." Morgoth commanded. "Both of you. Now!"

Legolas nodded to Narfea, and the two started twards where they believed Earendil was, which was most likely at Earwen's door. They breathed fully in anticipation, niether one daring to use anyform of sending thoughts to one another. They'd been in this sittuation once befor and were quick to come up with thoughts of what to do if something like this was to happen again.

They knew that Celebrian was, at the moment, the only insurrence that Morgoth had of getting to his destenation alive, and therefor would not harm her too badly enless nessicary. The two fell into a slow meaningful pace that they used when knowing that the enimy was cloce, but not ready to strike just yet, but it was they who would do the striking.

Legolas cought Narfea's gaze and motioned with his eyes to a garden they knew was never visited because of it's poor conditions. They led him there and simply plaied the fool, acting as if they did not know where elts he could be but here.

In the fake confusion, Narfea had made her way behind Morgoth as he argued with Legolas and threttened Celebrian's life with the daggar held to her throat. Narfea slipped a hidden throwing knife from her boot and threw it with all her might at his heart. With this opening, Celebrian sprung from his grasp and kicked at his shen befor bolting to the other end of the grassy/weedy garden.

"Tell the others!" Legolas shouted as he two pulled out a concealed knife. "Go Celebrian!"

Nodding, she tore through the doorway behind her to Earwen's room, intent on just getting there to begin with.


Gimli was headded back in Earwen's direction when the elf nearly ran him down. The woman was wuite upsetted by her fall, but gave no opologies befor picking herself back off of the floor and sprinting down the hall ahead of him again.

All that he cought was the sight of her turning into Earwen's room and the door's slamming in his face as he finally cought back up with her. Opening the door, Gimli grumbled, "What was that all about? I don't need another door smashing my nose in again!"

"It's Morgoth." Celebrian panted. "Legolas...and...Narfea... have him...cornered...for...the moment."

"Where, Cele?" Elrond asked, rising sharply from his seat on the bed's edge.

"The garden near the hobbit's quarters." she said, regaining controle over her heart and lungs as the pounding in her ears subsided and the breath returned to her again.

"Gimli, come. Cele, stay here with my sister." he said, grabbing the staff near the door as he left.

"Sister?" Cele asked no one in perticular, wondering at why he'd not said anything about a sister befor, or why none of the records had mentioned her.

"What did you say about my children?" Earwen asked, sitting up in the bed, then cringed slightly at the pain of doing so. "What's this to do with Morgoth?"

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