Grey Eyed Elven Twins - So... where are we again?

The girls stared, not only at the twins, but also because the surroundings were totally new to them. Behind them was a green hill, flanked with woods round the base, and ahead, a rolling green valley, with small farms and villages dotted around. There seemed to be something strange to them, something that didn't quite meet the eye, maybe an optical illusion made them seem closer than they were, as they seemed strangely small...
"Ceinwen!" hissed Jo, "Do YOU recognize this place?"
"Not really," said Ceinwen, "We must've come out the wrong side!"
"Wait till I tell you what my mother is going to say. She..."
"Uh, Jo..." Both girls looked up.
A bemused face was staring down at them, from the back of a tall silver stallion.
"Who are you?" The girls were beginning to have a strange sense of unreality. The rider was young - around their age - but his hair was long and two braids either side of his head kept his face free. His eyes were grey and solemn, and his hair was dark. His clothes seemed travel-weary, and both the twins were wearing cloaks of a silvan shade. There was an alert, poised look about them, as if they were used to danger.
Jo suddenly became aware they were staring.
"We are Jo and Ceinwen. Who are you; where are we?" The boy looked confused.
"You don't know where you are?" Both girls went slightly red.
"Well, we DID an hour ago!" said Ceinwen unhelpfully.
There was an uncomfortable silence, then the other twin dismounted, took his brothers horse, and tied them to a tree.
"Suppose we rest here for a while Elrohir, and see what they have to say, --"
"-- and have a bite of lembas," finished the other twin, smiling slightly. "Yes!"
Half an hour later, they had begun to get somewhere. Ceinwen had spent most of the time trying to get the concept of lembas, which had ended with both twins and Jo shouting together "ONE...BITE...FILLS...A...GROWN...MAN!" to which Ceinwen had smiled blankly, and changed the subject. But now, the twins had puzzled looks on their faces.
"You mean, you came from somewhere we never heard of?"
"So it would seem..." murmured Ceinwen under her breath. Everyone let out a small sigh of frustration.
"Well," said Jo, "We aren't getting anywhere fast (more's the pity) and the sun is setting. Where is a good place to spend the night?" The twins exchanged looks.
"The farms and homesteads will not welcome you," said Elladan. "They are wary of...large strangers."
"Large strangers??" Ceinwen cried, "LARGE?? Are you calling us large?"
Elladan laughed at her affronted face. "Most people, to a hobbit, seem large."
"Hobbit?" said a confused Jo.
"Look, say you travel back with us," suggested Elrohir. "Our father and mother would like to meet you, and there are lots of things that we would learn of you, strange travelers." Half an hour later, all was settled, and they were lazily strolling down the track away from the valley.
For a while, the twins rode just ahead of them, talking quickly together in some unknown language, occasionally smiling at the girls or casting them the odd glance. Jo frowned.

"What is it?" Ceinwen asked.

"Hobbits," muttered Jo," Sin, did you ever read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien?"

"Yeah. So w- ahh." Realization dawned on Ceinwen's face.

"So if they're hobbits," Jo jerked her thumb over her shoulder to the farms behind, "Then where are we really, and who are they?" she finished, nodding at the twins. Ceinwen raised her eyebrows.

"You don't think they're dangerous do you?"

"No...they haven't got that sort of air about them. Sin, I think they might be Elves." Ceinwen squealed with excitement - at least, Jo thought she did.

"Why did you just - oh hang on. That wasn't you, was it?" Ceinwen smiled sheepishly.

"Well, um...yes?"

"Sin! Open your jacket and empty your pockets!"

Very slowly, and very carefully, Ceinwen unzipped her coat to reveal a small but plump black and white rat, sniffing tentatively at the fresh air.

"Oh Ceinwen! For goodness sake, you and that rat! You know your not allowed her in my house!"

"I kno, I kno, but i couldnt just leave her alone at home. I looked at her 'lil face and just couldnt refuse! Come on, could you refuse a 'lil face like that?...shes so cute..." and Ceinwen waved the rat under Jo's nose, who hastily stepped back.

"Besides," Ceinwen continued, placing the rat in her pocket," We're not in your house anymore, are we?"

"Im beginning to think we've both been knocked out by a branch or something." smiled Jo.

At this point, the twins stopped and turned back to them. Night wasnt far away now and the air was getting cooler by the minute.

"Ladies," addressed Elladan, obviously the older of the two," we suddenly realise how selfish we have been, to ride while you walk. Also evening draws in and we wish to return home before the night is fully-fledged. Therefore, you shall ride with us. Jo, you shall ride with Elrohir, and Ceinwen with me. We'll give you a hand." Before the girls had a chance to object, Elrohir and Elladan had hoisted them in one swift movement behind them in the saddle. Jo wobbled a little, but Elrohir caught her.

"Put your arms around my waist." he advised, and Jo going rather red did this, trying ot ignore Ceinwen's stiffled laughter.

"Here we go! Ride, Atherin!" and Elladan's horse gave a mighty neigh and charged down the road, meaning that Ceinwen two was forced to hold the elf, filling Jo with grim satisfaction.

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