Gothic Human -> Elven Queen - Prologue

"Agh!" I screamed as I was hit with a contraction.

"What is it?" Sabros asked, standing up. He knew very well what it was! I was nine-months along, and I'm holding me stomach! Guess!

"I's time," I said. Pausing for another contraction.

"Silayah," Sabros called.

With that, six elven nurses walked in, and shooed Sabros out. No men were allowed in the room when a baby was born. Now I can sympathize with my mother, for that was the most painful experience in my life! But out of that pain I received an angel. A boy.

As soon as the baby was born, Sabros was brought back into the room, along with my father. Sabros saw his child and broke out into a wide grin. He rushed over to my side.

"It's a boy," I said proudly, holding the baby. My father reached out to hold him.

"May I?" He asked.

I handed the baby to him.

"He'll need a name," Sabros said, looking over his father-in-laws shoulder.

"How about Ladicilion?" I suggested. I had been thinking about names for awhile.

"I like it," Sabros said. He took the baby from my father and handed it to me. "Okay, Moriwen. Your father has seen his grandson, and that was part of our deal."

I saw Sabros pull out a small knife that he always wore in his boot.

"Deal? What on Earth are you-."

My father never finished.

"No!" I screamed as I watched him fall to the floor.

A maid walked in and saw my father lying in a pool of blood. She threw her hands up over her mouth and gasped. She looked up at Sabros, who was busy placing my fathers crown on his head.

"Your Majesty," the maid said, dropping to the floor on one knee.

"No! He can't be! He can't! He isn't your king. He just killed your king," I protested.

Several maids and guards came in. They all bowed. Sabros turned to me with a confident smirk on his face. The gold, ruby and onyx crown that he wore seemed to emphasize his evil look. I continued to cry, clutching my baby to my chest.

"How could you?" I kept asking Sabros in a whisper.

He seemingly ignored me and turned to the maids.

"Fetch the Queen her crown," he instructed.

"No," I ordered.

The maids all looked at me as if I were insane, and then turned back to their king.

"My wife is just a little confused. Today has been a very stressful day. She just gave birth," he said with a smile. He reached out to touch Ladicilion's forehead, and I pulled the baby away from him. He simply gave me a look that said I was going to pay for that. He looked over his shoulder.

"What are you still doing here? Did I not just ask you to go get Queen Moriwen's crown?"

With that, the maids and guards left the room. They returned, handing Sabros a crown that was identical to his, only silver. He placed it on my head, announcing that I was now the queen of the Moriquendi. No longer an elven princess, but now, an elven queen.

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