Gollum- His Story - Chapter Two- Run, oops, Caught!

Gollum sprinted forward, almost on two legs. 'That was an acheivement precious!' Gollum whispered to himself. He was running, and running, and running, but from what? The orcs seemed to have quietened down, and were unawared of his presence.
Or that's what Gollum thought. Well, I suppose the weak, innocent characters always lose out. But then again, Gollum is not innocent.
A whip curled around his heel, and yanked him up. A shriek of pain shot up from Gollum's throat. 'Noooooooo!' he screamed. 'Noooooooooo!'. The orc was trained well in hand to hand fighting, and one punch had Gollum limp.
He awoke sometime later, in a prision cell, mouth bound, as well as the arms and legs. Inside his mischevious mind a raging battle was going on. And it was raging. Gollum was in a mental war with his alter ego, Smeagol. (It would have been verbal, if not for the gag). I shall recount it all.
'No, precious, we'll gets them we will!', said Gollum.
'Say that again' replied Smeagol.
'We will! We'll gets them!' Gollum screeched.
'Don't change the order' Smeagol said lazily.
' We'll sqeeze them, all of them' Gollum roared, in a world of his own. 'Tell me how?' Smeagol questioned.
'Arrrrgh! We'll gets them some how, some way!'.
' Go to sleep'.
'I am'.
'So am I'.
And so it ended. Smeagol for once, came out on top. And for the rest of the days in prision, Smeagol governed what should and should not be done. Except for the day of break out. That was the day that Smeagol was reduced to a voice in the head. Gollum's imprisionment had made him quiet, yet he was secretly rebuilding strength. And when the pair,or should I say one, escape prision, Smeagol will have to wait until another time. To strike. And take domination.
Read more in Chapter Three- The Escape.
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