Gláclya - The Continuation of "After"

"Larien, come quick." Her mom said.
"What can't you wait a minute I'm trying to write a letter." She said quickly.
"Larien you're father is on his death bed and you want to write a letter." Her mother said.
Larien made her way down to her father's bedroom where Eldarion was seated and her mother was standing there also.
"I called you all here, to tell you that I'm not going to be here very long and so Eldarion I want you to take over the entire kingdom. Larien, well, I want you to help him find the right person to marry,"
"Oh dad, I'm going to marry Anólindë. She's very pretty and."
"Is she an Elf?"
"Yes dad she is,"
"Oh ok, just don't marry a dwarf. Now Larien I want you to either find someone to marry or go live with your uncles or Eomer...if you would like to."
Her dad took a breath, "But whatever you decide to do, just know that I am proud of my little girl."
"Oh daddy" Larien hugged him.
That night while everyone was asleep King Aragorn died, the next morning Arwen cried and a funeral was held. Everyone came from all around. As King Eomer came up after the funeral Larien noticed somebody was there with him. She stared at him and then finally remembered who it was. It was Ereinion she hadn't seen him in two years and wasn't going to start being friends with him now. Ever since she had rejected being his wife King Eomer and the whole family had been acting weird around her.
"Excuse me; I would like to make an announcement." Larien looked around to see who it was. It was Eldarion.
"I would like you all to be the first to know that Anólindë and I are to be married!"
Larien about had a heart attack. "What! He's not supposed to get married before me!"
"Larien?" A voice behind her called.
Larien turned around to she Ereinion.
"Hi!" she muttered.
"Long time no see" he said excitedly.
"How have you been?"
"I've been great. I'm going to get married in a few months."
"To who?"
"Her names Gláclya I'm not sure if you have met her."
"Oh, ok well umm I have to be going." Larien said and walked off. She ran into the castle and cried on her bed.
"Larien? Can we talk?" Eldarion said
"What do you want?" She said softly.
"I just wanted to ask you if you want to come out and talk to Anólindë?"
"I don't feel like talking to anyone!"
"Ok." Eldarion walked out of her room.
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