Gilraen:Giver of Hope - Chapter5

Author's note: I am allowing Aragorn to call Elrond father because of the Statement in the Appendix A the tale of Aragorn and Arwen that says "Elrond took the place of his father and came to love him as a son of his own." I did feel he should call him Father and not Ada for the simple fact that I think that should be reserved for Elrond's biological children.

"Momma wake up!" Estel called to her very excitedly. Gilraen looked out the window to where the sun rose and was shocked to see that she had slept late.

"Oh Estel! I am so sorry. I slept longer than I should have, and on such an important day."

"That's ok I am already for school today"

Indeed he was all dressed in the outfit Elrond had made for him for this first day of school. It was a light blue pair of leggings with a white shirt to go with it. "Father says that I will get to learn wonderful things such as reading and math and history. He also says that these things will take me far someday. So how far do you think I can go? Maybe Lothlorien?"

Gilraen laughed, " I think what Elrond meant was the smarter you are the more you will be able to make your dreams come true when you grow up."

"Well that is good because I like it right here with you and Father."

Gilraen made some pancakes for breakfast. As she did she reflected on how thankful she was to Elrond for all the things he had done for them over the last four years. He not only gave them protection but he gave then a beautiful home right next to his home. It had 2 bedrooms and a living space with a kitchen. Everyday he would stop in and spend time with them. He had in a sense adopted Estel and treated him as he did his own sons. Elrond had a way of keeping him in line that never involved harshness. They had everything they could possibly want. "Except," thought Gilraen, " the love of my life."

Whenever she thought of Arathorn it never failed to bring tears to her eyes even four years later. She never allowed Estel to see her cry. He was to to know of his real father. This was for his safety. Children are not trustworthy to keep their mouths shut. What would happen if he blabbed to the wrong person? It could turn deadly for him.

Gilraen was so engrossed in her thoughts that she did not know Estel had come in and asked her a question.
"Right, momma?"

"What? I am sorry I was thinking. I did not hear you."

"If I do well in school father says I can learn to ride Titton, right?"

Titton was a small gray pony that Estel loved. Every day from his birth Estel had brought him apples and brushed him.

"Yes dear, but come eat. If you don't hurry you will be late, and then what would father say."

Estel finished quickly and they were off for the first day of school.

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