Gilraen: Giver of Hope - chapter 10

Author's note: I finally figured out how to get an e with 2 dots above it for Sermë's name. I am so happy because I knew it was wrong not to have it there.


The next day turned out to be raining, but that did not deter Estel from getting his riding lesson. Elladan had him busy in the stable getting Tiiton ready for the ride. Estel brought Titton some carrots to munch while he brushed him and saddled him. It was a little tricky getting the Saddle buckled up tight, but with a little help from the stronger elf he got it. Elladan led Titton out and they walked the path to the meadow.

When they got there Elladan helped Estel up. Estel got a little scared. Titton was a pony but he was still quite tall and Estel had never been that high or felt so out of control. He could feel the strength that was lurking underneath him as Titton just walked. He never realized how scary it was to ride a horse. He knew he would have jumped right off if Elladan had not been there.

Elladan looked back to see how Estel faired on his first lesson. He almost laughs at the look on his face. Estel looked like a deer caught between a bear and a cliff. He did not dare laugh though because even though Elladan was 3,000 years old he remembered his first time on a horse also. He had been scared, and he had run away from the lesson. So he decided to talk while he led Titton around the meadow.

"You know Estel you need to relax. Titton is going to think a tree is sitting on his back."

"I am so afraid. I never thought I would be, but I kind of feel too small to handle Titton"

"I know exactly how you feel. I never told you but the first time I was in a horse I got so scared that I ran off. I told ada I was never getting on a horse again."

"You?! I never thought you would be scared of anything."

Elladan laughed, "Of course I have been scared a lot. Ada told me that I had to get back on the horse. Then he told me something that has helped me in all my scary situations. He said `Son in life you find yourself doing many things that will scare you. The difference between a man and a coward is whether you run from that fear or use that fear to overcome the situation.' The next day I got back on the horse. I was still scared but the more I sat on him the more I learned to trust him and appreciate his strength. Together we learned to trust each other and now I have no problem even training a brand new horse."

"I am glad you are my teacher, Elladan."

"I am glad you are my brother, Estel."

Estel and Titton were out everyday. It took a week for Estel to feel comfortable to take the reigns himself, but during that time Estel learned to command Titton when he wanted him to walk and stop. Elladan would not hold the reigns any more after that first week, but Estel soon had everything under control.

Trotting was a whole different story though. Getting the rhythm needed to trot was complicated and it took a whole week to even get close. He came home so sore that Gilraen had to have him sit in a warm soaking bath just so he could sleep at night.

Gilraen wanted to watch Estel at his practice but he would not let her. "I want to be good before you see me momma," he said. Secretly he did not want her to see him mess up.

A month went by and Gilraen was wondering how things were going. Oh Elladan and Estel would give her reports but she wanted to see for herself. So she asked Elladan, "When can I come and see how things are going."

"Very soon Gilraen. We have something planned for you and ada to see when the time is right."

This made Gilraen excited. She knew that things had to be going well if Estel had to show off his new found skill. She waited (not so patiently) for that day to come. Finally 2 months after the start of the lessons he told her, Elrond, Raion and Sermë to be at the practice the practice field on Saturday.

Everyone showed up and even some who were just curious when they saw Elrond standing at the field. Estel was already there when Elladan introduced him he went out on the field showing off his skill. He even threw in a few jumps. He handled Titton. When he was done the crowd let out a cheer. Gilraen was so proud, and she gave him a hug. While congratulations were being past around, Estel came up to Gilraen and said, "Momma, I am so good now I can go with Elladan and Elrohir to Mirkwood this summer."

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