Gilraen: Giver of Hope

Chapter 3

Gilraen was exhausted when they reached the River Bruinen. There was no more orc attacks for the rest of the trip.

They stopped for a few hours of sleep . There was a guard set up but it had been an uneventful night. Although Aragorn slept well, Gilraen had another night with not much sleep partly because she was crying and partly because she could not sleep well on the ground. She missed Arathorn so much and after the days events she realized how much she had lost. Arathorn was a loving husband and a devoted father. He always sang a song for Aragorn before he would go to bed. He help Aragorn feel better whenever he was hurt , sad, or scared. She especially missed his arms around her and how it made even the worst situation bearable.

So she got to the river having only 2 hour of sleep. Aragorn was riding with Elrohir and just babbling about anything as two year olds do. She smiled at how patient he was being with Aragorn.

As she was guiding the horse into the river she was not watching to closely and the horse slipped on a rock. The horse faltered and Gilraen tried gathering the reins so she could have more control, but her balance was off and her body shifted sideways too far. The last thing she remembered was the water closing over her head.

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