Galadriel - Meeting between the shadows of moonlight

The dark night laid it's fingers over this world,the sky cried in the hands of the earth and I walked full of sorrowa and grief,alone between the ranks of trees,that took their branches as fingers up in the sky as asking for shelter.i saw a shape going towards me,encircled with the light,an angel came slothed in white,with bare foot.Her hair was yellow as the rays of the sun,her eyes,her eyes-deep as an ocean,blue as the clear sky filled with understandness.Seeing her for the first time,my heart started to beat stronger,it cheered a moment when the time stopped it's slow pace,we stand in front of each other.She smiled,I replied with tear drops falling over my cheek that she took off touching my face in fashion of elves,saying sweet words in her language.Her voice flowing out of her lips was as a melody for my ears.My breast filled with her breath,that warmed my heart.All my limbs filled with such a sensitive feeling I have never had made my hand grow up and caress her cheek.I didn't feel the moonlight shadows around us,for my soul it was a clear day.The only language we understood was the language of our hearts and eyes saying many fair words and getting the same replies.Our hearts filled theirselves with love wanting to become the same and persuaded our faces to move closer until our lips met.I felt a sense I had known her for ages.She filled all my body with hapiness and warmth.I didn't feel the moment we both flew up in the sky still being the same.After the kiss,that lasted all my life,she put a present in my trembling hand-her silver tear,saying the words I'll never forget-"Such I'll allways be with you."She disappeared.I saw only a dove flying upwards in the sky singing the melody,I'll allways remember,the words now put deep in abys of my heart,bearing her silver tear...
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