Galadriel - A Vision of Peril

Golden leaves lay upon the forest floor of Lorien. They glittered and gleamed in the morning sunlight. The air was fresh and pure to inhale and the birds sang merry songs.

Fair Elven voices could be heard singing and chanting in the trees.

Galadriel and Celeborn walked hand in hand through the forest.

Galadriel always looked in the depth of thought, whereas Celeborn just looked wise.

Galadriel stopped and put her hand to her head as if she was in some sort of great pain. Celeborn was disturbed by this.

'What's wrong? Are you hurt?'he asked anxiously, but there was no reply from Galadriel. Her eyes flickered many colours and she breathed as if she were distressed. This went on for a few minutes, then she took her hand from her brow, and her expression was one of shock.

'What happened? Are you alright?' asked Celeborn again, this time with less worry in his tone.

'He has awoken....' she started. 'Sauron is awake, he wants the ring....there is great peril ahead of us .....'

She paused and turned to Celeborn her expresion suprised and shocked. Her eyes were like the eyes of a scared hare. She placed her hand on his face and spoke in whispers. 'He wants it.....he needs the ring...there will be nothing if the ring is not destroyed...'


Her eyes flickered again, her hand slipped from Celeborns face and she fell slowly to the ground.

Celeborn got down on his knees and touched her face and shook her hand. 'Galadriel,Galadriel!'

He shouted in panic and distress. Elves jumped from the trees and sprang from the undergrowth as quick as lightning. 'Galadriel!' He repeated, her eyes gradually opened and she lifted her head.

'I am alright' she said softly. She brought herself to her feet and looked round at the crowd.

'Lorien must be protected. Keep your wits about you,' she said firmly to the Elves, then she dismissed them back to their hiding places and the forest was left in total silence.

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