Freda's Journey- Part 3 - Freda's Journey, Part 3

"The battle has begun," cried Mithrandir again. "The last march of the orcs, with nearly two thousand, has marched again. We must save Lorien, Rivendell, Gondor, Rohan! Save the Last Free Peoples of Middle-earth! We must fight!"
A great cheer went up from the onlookers. Swiftly, Lord Elrond took command of the Elves.
"Hear all ye Elves!" he cried. "Ye shall take orders from the two people i have chosen to be my commanders. The Lord Aragorn of Gondor, for the Men, and Prince Legolas of Mirkwood, for the Elves.
Here a great cheer went up, for Aragorn and Legolas were well loved by their kinsfolk. Suddenly, Aragorn and Legolas came to her side.
"Freda," Lord Aragorn whispered nervously. Freda looked at him anxiously. "Freda, we need you to go to Gondor, Rivendell, and Rohan. We must get warriors for this battle. Even the power of Rivendell cannot stop 90 score of Orcs from befouling Rivendell with the filth of Sauron. Please, Freda. Do this as a favor to your brother, Eothain, me, and Legolas here. Do this as a favor to all of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. Remember your broher, in the heavens, slain by the Orcs in Helm's Deep. Do this for him."
Freda took a deep breath. "I will go," she said, calling Shadowfax to her. She leapt on with all of the speed of an Elf, and rode away until she was only a speck in the distance.
"Aragorn," Legolas said. His face was pale and shaking. "You should not have done that. I understand that you had to make her go, but mentioning her brother in the midst of all of these things happening- it might make her fail in her task. Rohan and Gondor will see her only as a child who wants to play-act the War of the Ring."
"I know," said Aragorn. "But I have left a messenger who will know that Freda is coming."
"Very well," said Legolas. "But-"
Suddenly, 20 Orcs leapt out of a tree and surrounded Aragorn and Legolas, rotating around them in a circle, shouting for the deaths of Aragorn and Legolas.
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