Freda's journey, Part 2 - Freda's Journey

The Orc smiled cruelly, still holding the knife to Legolas' throat. "Run and youre dead," it growled."Stay and you'll be taken prisoner. Run- and he dies.
Freda stood rooted to the spot in horror. Then, some hidden thought galvanized her into action. She swiftly kicked the knife out of the Orc's hand. She picked it up and slayed the Orc with one swift movement. "Arod!" she cried. The white horse came running, yet she did not get on. "Bring me Shadowfax," she said. The horse shook his head once to indicate that he had understood, gave a whinny, and trotted off in the direction in which it had come. Legolas looked at her and nodded approval. "Good," he said, drawing his knives out. "Use Shadowfax, and tell my Lady Galadriel to rally the troops. Do you understand, Freda?"
Freda could only nod her head. Mounting Shadowfax, she rode away into the darkness
Freda had no idea fo how long she rode, as she, like Pippin before her, felt that she was sitting on a statue of a horse, while the world rolled away beneath her feet. Time had not
slowed Shadowfax one bit- if anything, he seemed even faster then before to the onlookers. Suddenly, Shadowfax stopped. They had reached the edge of the Golden Wood. There were arrows surrounding them. One of the Elves, Haldir, said "Who are you, and why are you here?"
Freda had been taught how to deal with Elves before.
Act urgent, and they would listen."Haldir! MY name is Freda. I am one of the Rohirrim! My good friend, Legolas prince of Mirkwood, has asked you to raise the alarm and rally the troops. A group of Orcs has been spotted roving, and they are over 90 score strong! They are less than 40 leagues away from here!"
Haldir was quiet for a moment. Then he cried"Aiya elendil! Elendil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," for that is the war cry of Lorien these days. Then, he seemed ti recover his manners, and he said "Will you stay with us a while?"
Freda shook her head. "I am sorry, but i cannot. Can i take 30 score of your archers with me, for that is Lord Elronds request."
No sooner had she said those words, then 30 score of Lothlorien archers emerged from the trees. "Thank you," she said. "We only need these good men to help us in tthe war against evil. Thank you."
And with that, she spurred her horse and rode away, with 30 score Elven archers at her back.
Meanwhile, in Rohan

A score of searchers had been sent to search for Freda, when Legolas dropped down from the trees. "Freda is not safe,"he said."I sent her to go to Lorien, to get us some archers. She should be arriving by now- ah, there she is." In the distance, a dust cloud was all that could be seen by the Men, but Legolas could distantly make out a feminine figure, with-
His jaw dropped. He had expected a score of archers, yet here comes Freda with 30 times that amount! When Freda arrived, she hailed Legolas. "I have brought what you have asked.......yet there was 90 score of yrch behind us. That is all."
Gandalf stepped from the ranks of the Elven archers.
Everyone gasped, except the Elves. Mithrandir spoke. "Rally the troops! The war has begun!

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