Fiona's Diary - The diary of a girl who goes on the adventure of a lifetime

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters,places, etc. from LOTR.

Authors Note: This is my first story, so don't kill me! I would like to thank Georgethebunny-dono for helping me type this! Because this story starts in the middle of someone's diary, I'm going to give a desciption of the main character before I go on. Here goes nothing. * sigh*
Name: Fiona
Age: 13
Hair: straight, light brown, long
Eyes: green
Place of Residence: countryside house in the NE USA
Dear diary,
I've had a bad day today, but things have brilliantly turned around! Let me explain.
First, we had a health test and had to fill out notecards in English. GACK! Then we got figurativly whipped by our chorus director because some of us can't stop talking. I knew that this was coming for ages. HAH! However, we've got a concert coming up and we're not prepared. On the bright side, we didn't get much homework because it's Friday.
The worst comes now. You see, the younger people (only the snooty ones) on our school bus are annoying and most are my neighbors. Some of my family got into an argument with some of their families, and a resolution to the feuding has not been made. One, who's name was Amy, who was being a bit of a jerk, has dubbed me fish. I have no attributes of such an animal, and the name irritates me. How I wish all the time for a defender and someone to confide in. I haven't been called a name by someone other than a relation in ages. Even though school is nearly over, I pray for 8th grade to go faster. Frankly, this school year stank! Too many projects and too much work. The only things I relished were art classes and the school musical.
Now for how things have turned around. After bus torture, I vented by listening to heavy metal on the radio and ate some pretzels. When I went outside to bring our horse, Aura, who I swear is a demon in disguise, inside, I saw an unconcious man in the river.
Quickly, I darted through the fence and picked my way into the woods and down the steep slope to the river. Fortunately, the body in the river had run aground. Carefully, I dragged the man to shore. He looked like he was in his twenties, he was dressed oddly in boots, breeches, a brown tunic, a blue-gray shirt, and a green cloak. His brown hair barely brushed his shoulders. The stranger was equipped with a longbow, a knife, and a light sword. I presently rooted through his pack, being the curious person I am. I found a spare cloak, a small flask, some strange bread wrapped in funky green stuff, some herbs, another knife, one set of spare clothing, and some ripped cloth for bandages.
I took the flask, which was empty, and filled it with water by the river. Upon my return to the stranger, I knelt beside him and cautiously tilted his head upwards. Opening the flask, I poured some of the water in his mouth, hoping he would wake up.
Suddenly, it hit me. Why was I so concerned? This person could be a some physco child abductor or murderer! People don't dress like this anymore, and guns have been in a superior position versus swords. Closing my eyes, I tried to match this stranger with all the people I knew in reality. When I couldn't find any matches, I despiratly tried to match him with people I read about in books of fact and fiction. In the end, the stranger only matched one other person in my mind; Aragorn II, the heir of Isildur.
After the painful process of pinching myself for what seemed an age, trying to wake up from the dream that was reality, I felt a hand grasp for mine. Looking down, I saw a pair of noble, tired, gray eyes staring up at me. In a whisper, he asked who I was.
Diary, I just heard the call for supper. I will finish when I return. Namarie!
Sorry if it isn't long enough or there are lots of spelling mistakes.( GeorgetheBunny-Dono and I have learned nothing in English class.) Please review! I am more than anxious to hear what everyone thinks!

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