Final Stand - Battle for the Shire

Life in the Shire went on as
normal after the events at Mount
Doom. And yet again the Shire folk
waited around as another evil grew
closer to home. They men of
battles long ago fought. Dead
spirts that arove from the grave
and planned to bring new souls
along when they went back.
They had trolls and many other
evil beast that will not be named.
And for an unknown reason they had
a calling to the Shire. On
midsummers eve they struct.
Frodo Gamgee was 34 at the time.
A very respectable age among
hobbits. One year after coming of
age and Frodo took after the
original. Anyway back to our story
Many parties were on in the peacful area.
Frodo and his friend Logo sat in his fathers
home, each had a pipe in their hands.
It was then when they heard the screams
coming from the field below in which a
celebration of grand proportions was taking
place. Frodo and Logo ran to the door of the
hole and saw a horrifying sight. Three
trolls storming the party. Frodo grabed his
fathers old sword and ran down the grassy
hill to the great hill. Logo followed close behind with
a large stick he found outside the hobbit hole.
Frodo hide behind a large rock and was closly followed by closly followed by Logo. Logo dropped the stick and
picked up a near-by rock. He herld it out into the open.
And by a fools chance hit the smallest of the three trolls
square in the face. He fell backwards and hit
the ground hard. The bigger of the three trolls turned
toward the rock and took of at a run. Logo took off from behind the rock and grabbed a stick the troll turned and ran at Logo. With that Logo let the rock fly. It fell at
the trolls feet and the troll continued his charge. Logo
beleaved this was the end. But from Know were there....
To Be Continued.........
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