Extended DVD anyone? - TTT Review

Well, I went and enjoyed it. A few observations from an avid reader however

Firstly - I think the Three Hunters were cast perfectly - I can't imagine them being better. The scenery and landscape is breathtaking. I loved the start with picking up where Gandalf fell. Gollum was fantastic (schizo scene was a little worrying!)

Now for the questions -

I didn't get why the Hobbits had to go to Osgiliath - I thought Faramir was okay but this storyline meant his character had to change a little, you can tell from other comments that this hasn't been well received.

I'm still not 100% about all this Arwen and Aragorn, and being immortal etc. Perhaps I'm not versed enough in the Silmarillion. Has Jackson gone over the top with trying to get a love story going?

Where were the Huorns? - I thought Helm's Deep was great, but simply Gandalf and Eomer turn up and then they win left me missing the plot somewhere.

I was left with the feeling that I want to reserve judgement until the proper version comes out - that Jackson had produced a theatrical version which acted as one big trailer for the real thing (next November?).

I hope that the contest between Gimli and Legolas carries on in the DVD, and includes a mention of the Caves/Forest bargain between them - this will give greater depth to the strongest characters in the films.

All in all, I am left hoping that the DVD picks up some of the detail that the theatrical release missed.

Perhaps further viewings will give a more balanced opinion.

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