Exiled-Part 2-To Imladris - A Sequel

Chelte had been living in Lothlorien for 638 years when the War of the Ring started. Her Great-Grandparents, Celeborn and Galadriel, sent Chelte to Rivendell, to seek help from Elrond. Lothlorien had been under attack several times,and they chose Chelte as a messenger.

After Chelte passed over the Caradhras, she met with her brother, Lemiach. Lemiach had been sent to retrieve Chelte from exile, and they chose to go to Rivendell, and then on to Cheltes homelands, Sarindas Paran. Not two days had gone by since their meeting when Chelte and Lemiach were attacked by Orcs. Chelte recieved a gash to the left arm, but Lemiach was not so lucky. He was given a cut across the stomach, two axe-blows to the head, and his legs had almost been cut clean from him. He was dying. Chelte was forced to carry him to Rivendell.

Chelte reached Rivendell during the council of Elrond, bleeding, and crying from exaustion. She told the council of her tale, and why she had been sent, but after she had finished she collapsed to the ground. She had not rested for almost two weeks for fear of her brothers life, even after he took a part in her exile from Sarindas Paran.

After the War of the Ring, Chelte was given a choice by the Lady Galadriel. would she be a faerie, like her mother, or an Elf? Her sisters begged she return with them, as a faerie.

Chelte looked hard into her sisters' eyes, and spoke these words
'When the Faeries exiled me, the Elves took me in. When I was dying, it was not the Faeries who healed me, it was the Elves. My heart will always stay in Lothlorien, and you cannot change my mind.'

Chelte then cast aside her ring, Ahnweris, into the Sea, and went back to Lothlorien. Chelte stayed there until Galadriel and Celeborn departed for the Havens, and died of grief, under a mellorn, with a niphredil in her hand.

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